Belgian tax office snoops on Facebook

Apparently the Belgian tax office snoops on Facebook and other social sites looking for discrepancies in peoples life style and what they put on their income tax form … they have no legal foot to stand on they said but they have reason to do more checks …

Are you sure; maybe they just got busted looking in worktime? That’s the kind of excuse I’d make ‘err… just trying to find a contact … I think I have the wrong email address…’

People should just change their permissions.

I’m sure … it was big in the Belgian newspaper today … and they actually confirmed doing it and that if they found anything they could not do anything legally, except for doing more checks on the people involved … an accounting company found about about it …

Just curious, but what is (supposingly) not legal about looking at things that are in the public domain?

Exactly. If people are putting up their faces and telling what they are doing which wouldn’t be possible by claimed income, how is a government “invading their privacy”?

On the other hand, I checked with the Canadian government a couple of years ago (this may have changed) and was essentially told, “As long as you’re not violating Canada’s tax laws while living overseas,” (re: meeting the rules for non-resident status) “We don’t care if you’re earning money illegally.”

Just noted BP’s post above mine that I didn’t see when replying, seems he is saying the tax authorities have no legal way of going after those people based on the information they found on the net (which itself is not being illegal).

Exactly … they just look for people that live beyond their means as declared on their tax form … better not to show off the Porsche or Yacht … and don’t put up too many pics of Holidays to far away places when you declare low income … :ponder: