Belgian Waffles

I was wondering, what exactly makes a waffle a belgian waffle???

This is probably a good question for Belgian Pie. I definetely can tell the difference between ice cream and Italian ice cream, but I wonder what is it with waffles??

from wikipedia:

* Traditional waffles in the United States originated from pilgrims in 1620, who obtained the method from Holland. They are usually served as a sweet breakfast food, topped with butter and various syrups. They are generally denser and thinner than the Belgian waffle.
* The Belgian waffle (also referred to as the "Brussels waffle") often refers to a waffle that is thicker, lighter, crispier and has larger partitions than the traditional waffle. They are often served as a breakfast, with the same topping choices as a traditional waffle. More often than the traditional waffle however, they are served with fruits, whipped cream or ice cream, sometimes served as a dessert. While the thickness is the most commonly accepted difference between the Belgian waffle and the traditional waffle, the use of yeast and beaten egg whites in most Belgian waffle recipes, as opposed to baking powder in the traditional waffle recipe, gives them a lighter and crispier texture.
* The Li

Belgian waffles became incredible popular in Japan some decade ago, but for some reason, they are not YET available here in Taiwan.
The “Brussels Waffle” would certainly have a big future here, but I think that the main issue will be finding the baking powder which makes the taste like “heaven”.

It is a matter of time, but they WILL become popular here. Investers wanted. :notworthy: