Believe the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on the Economy

First of all, you should read the whole damn article. It’s the most comprehensive diagnosis of Taiwan’s innovation scene I’ve ever read.

I’ll share a few main points, but you should read entire piece.

  1. Taiwan hasn’t replaced the entrepreneurs of the previous generation. Fewer people are going to the US for PhDs. There is still a lively startup scene, but only 1/4 of all the entrepreneurs have a STEM background. This is due to being a victim of its own success; TSMC and Mediatek combined employ 68,000 engineers. Everybody wants to work for TSMC.
  2. Taiwan only has hardware capabilities. To do AI, you need software-hardware integration. Taiwan needs more computer science/data science people. This is why Google has to train people.
  3. Better English proficiency = better access to global markets. Pretty soon, China will be able to do everything Taiwan does. It needs to distinguish itself by English, and by doing things people are afraid China might for, like putting PLA chips into your cell phone.
  4. A whole lot more. You should read the whole article.

that :point_up_2: and Taiwanese young guys just want to be the next e-gamer star.

That’s an Asia-wide problem.

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Or maybe that Rocka fella…

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Although this KMT legislator with a punchable face had delusions about Han winning, he noted that Taiwan has not had a unicorn startup in the past ten years. He excoriated Tsai’s Asian Silicon Valley plan, saying that it was all about building buildings and didn’t really created a startup ecosystem.

Gogoro and Appier didn’t meet his criteria for one reason or another. I get the sense he’s a jerk, but good to put pressure on the government to do more.