Ben Stein thinks unemployed are lazy

I used to like Ben Stein. I thought he was an intelligent conservative. I was wrong.

First he released his creationist :loco: movie Expelled, and all my respect for him went down the toilet.

Now he’s calling the unemployed lazy. :raspberry:

He’s not alone

But that’s from the GOP side. There were quite a few conservative Dems who were going right along with the blocking of extending benefits, also.

But they’re right. We are lazy.

Too lazy to vote these asshats out of office…

I never heard of Ben Stein, but if that’s what he thinks he’s an idiot.

From today’s news:

Where are we now? Unemployment is over 8% in half the country, over 10% in 12 states and over 14% in Nevada.

These are tough times. My profession is hit especially hard.

[quote]Law school students faced one of the roughest hiring seasons ever this summer, as firms cut their summer classes by an average of 44 percent. . .

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom took the most severe hit in gross numbers, going from 223 summer associates in 2009 to 79 this year. Cravath, Swaine & Moore’s summer class shrank by 81 percent to just 23 summer associates. . .

The grim numbers translated into new challenges for law schools. Beth Moeller, the assistant dean for career services at UCLA School of Law, says she knew the summer of 2010 would be unusually slow when law firm recruiters started to cancel interview slots – and even entire summer programs – as early as spring 2009. . . [/quote] … s=newswire

And he was in which movie…anyone…anyone…anyone…anyone…

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”]And he was in which movie…anyone…anyone…anyone…anyone…

:bravo: Another fine Chicago production…

Stein is known to be a clueless assclown. He proved his incompetence (as an economist) during the recent crisis. (He is a skilled clown, and regularly gets a laugh.)

From 18 Aug '07 as the US lurched into its most recent financial crisis:

“The credit crunch is overblown … a tiny problem.”
“The financials are super bargains …Merrill is cheap.” *Note Merrill was bankrupt, and had to be salvaged by Bank of America, which only agreed to take it after some bullying by the US Fed Chairman.

Relevant segments begin at 4:30, but the whole clip is worth a look. For anyone still registered to vote in Connecticut, Schiff is currently running for the Senate there.