Benefits System in UK Fair?

I can not say if this is factual. It may have been posted by UKIP etc, and be biased. It does appear to show our system may not be working in a fair way? Any opinions?

Of course the system isn’t fair but I think the issue here is how some former-soldiers are treated. We certainly live in a topsy-turvey world, economically. The UK benefits system should obviously be fair and perhaps generally is but there are many examples of were it isn’t. The biggest problem is that it is such a political flash-point (like education) that people suffer because politicians have to save face and because they serve the needs of the bankers first, then have to re-distribute whats left to everyone who actually needs it. Resentment at inequalities such as these are understandable but ugly. Obviously no one should have to live on the streets, everyone should have a nice house and the security they need to live well.

What’s the source of the images, shiadoa? If you’re British you’ll be well aware of how untrustworthy certain newspapers are in their interpretation of the facts. I’d guess those statements are gross distortions of the truth, if not outright lies. It’s sad, because such reporting drives racism in the UK and for no other purpose than to sell newspapers. Actually, I say that but there is a deeper purpose to all this, including the recent shameful attack on disabled people who claim benefits. It serves to give the general population something to think of as the enemy who’s responsible for the country’s problems, distracting them from growing income inequalities, tax avoidance, backhanders and general protectionism by the very rich and privileged.