Benq 22" LCD monitor

I want to find somewhere which sells this. Any suggestions? I had a look around Nova without any luck.

Why get that when you can get this? … &c=us&l=en

I like BenQ but watch out for the colour. It says 16.7 mill but with “Dithering”. don’t know what it is but it can’t be good. Stay away from the ones with 16.3 or .4 mill. A few . of a mill makes a big difference.

Dithering means approximating colors. E.g. when the desired color is not available it will be replaced with the one closest to it.

That model appears to be available only in North America and Europe.

Acer has a similar model that is available in the Taiwan market, the AL2216W. I’ve seen it several places in the Guanghua area. Personally, I’m saving up for his big brother, the 24" 1920x1200, the AL2416W.

Again, it’s a US model, and Dell in general makes only a half-hearted effort at best to support the Taiwan market. Benq and Acer are both local companies.

I can’t find all the info I had but this is the break down. Colour in BenQ is important. They cheat to get faster times by stripping out the colours. So:
16.7 (or 16.8) colours= good
16.2 (or less) colours = bad.
All 16.2 BenQs have dithering
But what is 16.7 with dithering? = I don’t know.
Ps. I love my BenQ FP91E with its 16.7 million colours.

I was just at an official BENQ dealer at NOVA yesterday getting a new monitor for the increased amount of design work I have to do these days… I was astounded that flat screens are so cheap now, I got a 19" 8ms BENQ FP93v, sort of a Mac look alike thingy… very impressed so far and it only cost NT$7700 :astonished:

the BENQ dealer didn’t have any 22" screens on display, but I’d hazard a guess that they could order you one… the place next door had some ViewSonic or suchlike 22" 5ms refresh flat screen for about NT$12,500 but I don’t need the extra refresh rate or real estate, so…

Here are the BenQ monitors available in Taiwan:
Looking at the BENQ FP93v it is 16.2 million colours. (20 bit not true 24 bit) so someone doing an increased amount of design work will notice the difference if you are manipulating colours in pictures at all.

nope… I don’t manipulate photos, I do graphic design stuff in Illustrator and I only use global spot colours and/or pantone colours since everything I do has to be printed for mass production… For my purposes having 94 squillion colours is pretty, but since you can’t print them, there’s no point… Also it’s not a “pro” setup, I’m not a designer by trade, it’s just a reaction to being sick and tired of not being able to find a decent graphic designer… DIY… :smiley:

Thread explosion! Thanks for the discussion. The Acer looks good, but it’s a 16.2 job, which according to some in this thread isn’t so great.

I have the same model. Great monitor. I like it very much.

I doubt anyone here can tell the difference between 16.2 and 16.7 million colors. Besides, Acer’s web site says that it has 16.7 million colors.

Sounds good to me. I’ll check it out and see if I can tell the difference.