What is the lowdown on Benq. Anybody own any of there products? Good, bad or OK?

Benq used to be known as Acer Peripherals. They made parts for Acer computers and OEM parts for other. They went independent about a year ago and rebranded as Benq. (Acer Computers still exists.)

I have a 16X DVD-ROM and a 19" LCD of theirs, both of which seem quite nice.

BenQ and Acer seem to have cheaper products than other companies. I have a scanner, it still works fine after a year or so, but I also had a CDRW that died within a year from them. It’s your call.

Crap. If you have money to spare, send it to me.

They are a major OEM for one of the worlds leading cell phones… if you buy a “M” phone made here in taiwan, it is a BenQ product.

My girlfriend recently bought a BenQ laptop with MS Windows XP, a wide screen and built-in wireless LAN/bluetooth thingy. She has been letting me use it - and I like it!

Excellent for a Taiwanese brand. Ok for an international brand. Excellent value.

good quality for the money, lcd works perfectly for me.

I bought a BenQ branded cell phone six months ago, and I still feel it was the best value for the money. Compared to several others in the same price range, it had the most bang for the buck, and has been reliable.


[quote=“ndomiso”]What is the lowdown on Benq. Anybody own any of there products? Good, bad or OK?[/quote]They are not bad at all. If so many people even know the brand, you are dealing with a decent company. There are so anti-brands here. You look all over the box for the company’s phone number or website addresss and nothing. Really Benq makes quality products and it is true they make man y of the products for a lot of other more famous Western and Japanese companies. So really no worries.

I’ve had a BenQ mobile phone since February. I was SOOO glad to get rid of my Motorola. My only complaint about the BenQ is that I’m forced to use a polytonal ring, since it didn’t come with any plain old monotonal rings. Otherwise, I like it very much and its performance has been fine.