Best 4K TV? OLED vs QLED vs LED

So I’m looking into a 4K TV, at least a 55in for my living room and another smaller one for my bed room.

Anyone purshase a TV lately with those tech?

Samsung has the QLED and LED, colors look amazing on the QLED.
Sony and LG both have OLED and LED and OLEDs blacks looks sooooo black.
And of course there are many LED TVs.

It’s been a while since I bought a TV. I’ll mostly play Netflix and use HDMI for laptop and PS4 pro streaming and gaming.

QLED has potential but it is basically Samsung’s own marketing more than anything. Realistically, you’re okay with OLED, QLED, XLED. I’d suggest OLED but if you really want to see something special, find a TV that supports Dolby Vision (something I’m pretty sure Samsung doesn’t support).

I second everything gaboman said. Personal preferences are also important but overall OLED is the best choice rn.

Buy a soundbar/home theater speakers to go with your TV, the TV speakers are shit.

We most likely need surround speakers, the living space is too big and open for the sound bar to sound good I think.

I saw some TVs that have amazing speakers build into them now. One was the acoustic surface from the Sony OLED TV. The screen vibrates for sound.

Many of the LGs have adobe Atmos built in them. Sounds better than sound bars I had maybe 4-5 years ago.

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Last xmas got my parents the LG 55’’ OLED from costco in the states. I’m not a tech buff but it’s crazy nice. I also bought Planet Earth II 4k DVDs and it felt like the “glass panel” was not even there. Like you are just looking at the real thing. I cannot speak about the sound unfortunately because they already have a speaker system setup.

We looked around before settling on the LG and the Sony’s were quite lovely but the price was just over my budget. If money was no object I probably would have gotten the Sony.

I wish the price was not so crazy at Taiwan’s costco for the same exact LG otherwise i would be tempted to treat myself.

My mom who is real picky and a bit of a health nut, feels the OLED does not cause as much eyestrain…but who knows…

The blacks in OLED is fantastic. I think I’m going to get it.

I had a really nice 65 LG OLED E7 in the states that was fucking spectacular. In Taiwan, I couldn’t justify the ridiculous prices on any decent TV so I ended up with a shitty Samsung 65 inch LED TV (that still cost almost 1.5k USD, argghh). OLED blows away LED and the Samsung QLEDs (well from seeing them in stores at the time). One thing OLED does that my LED TV can’t do at all is get blacks right. Everytime there’s a dark scene with certain parts not dark, the OLED gets it perfect while the LED lights up an whole area - this is super distracting to me since I got pretty used to my OLED tv. Also the colors popped a lot more - you will need to play HDR content though to really see the difference (I can, but I’ve heard QLED is pretty close in terms of colors). Anyway if you really care about your TV quality and not your bank account, you can’t go wrong with OLED.

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