Best Aero Helmet (that also ventilates)


@ranlee, I have decided to buy an aero helmet, a new kit, and maybe some other things, and then save up for some really good wheels. Thanks for your help, but I feel best about going this route.

Okay then, what I’m looking for is a good (very good) aero helmet. But with the weather here in Taiwan and my not-so-infrequent jaunts up the mountains, I also would like something that can cool my head decently. The Giant Rivet ranks very well here:

Would this be a good choice? And if so, when I go to the Giant website, there’s a Giant Rivet and a pricier Giant Rivet MIDS. What in the world is the difference? I see the Giant Rivet MIDS doesn’t come in white, which I like for safety, and only comes in black. But if there’s a big difference in aerodynamic or ventilation performance, I’ll go for the more expensive one.

Any thoughts anyone? Thanks.



Perhaps you mean MIPS not MIDS? MIPS is a safety system a few manufacturers adhere to for some of their helmets. Usually that a model of helmet will come in both non-MIPS and MIPS versions. Another example would be the POC Octal helmet I have, which also comes both. Mine is the standard non-MIPS version.

Read up on it here:

It does not offer any performance gains, and there have been a huge number of debates as to whether MIPS version of helmets are actually safer or not (studies are pretty inconclusive as well based on what I read up on a while back).


Thanks for that. The MIPS version is about NT$1,000 more expensive. I would pay that, but the fact that the helmet only comes in black really is making me think twice. I think being visible provides significant safety advantages in a city.


To be honest I’m with you, I got the non-MIPS Octal because the colour I wanted only came in the standard form.


Nooo worries and no hard feelings. I’ll take your apology in beer(s), sorry just won’t cut it in my book.

Personally, how I see it is (and the article mentions it too), an aero helmet should be your extra helmet, not your primary helmet. I haven’t had any experience with aero helmets, but I wouldn’t even consider it, of course, I’m climbing a lot more than you are, so that’s the climber in me talking. I would gladly take extra drag over loss of ventilation.

You can look at the Giant Strive, which seems like it seems like it’s a hybrid between the Riv and Rivet, with a few more holes for ventilation.

Nonetheless, bottom line for helmets is if the helmet fits, feels good and looks good on you! I’ve been helmet shopping for the better part of a year now and the only helmet that seems to fit me is the one I have or the 8000NT OGK helmet that you see on the Giant website.


That’s basically what I was thinking- using the aero helmet for races and maybe some practice runs just to get used to it. But I remember looking at the ventilation system on one of their helmets at a race and I could easily see how it would be even better than my present one with holes all over the place, as long as you’ve got some speed going. So maybe the new helmet for all my flat rides and races would be how I’d use it.


Not sure about the Rivet, but many aero helmets have removeable or sliding panels so you can tune the aero / ventilation balance to suit your needs.


What kind of speeds are you riding (or expecting to be riding)?


KASK Infinity Aero Road seems like a popular one. In which also costs an arm…or a leg.


In the triathlon races I enter, the cycling is mostly 20k or 40k (sprint or Olympic distance). It’s always a loop course and I seem to go over 40km/h one way and slower the other way (wind direction, slight uphill/downhill, if I find someone I can draft off of when it’s allowed, etc.). I hope to be averaging 40km/h on a race later this year which I’m going to do as a relay with me cycling. Some races are a bit hilly so I’m definitely slower than this.

Notes: I’m against the full-blown aero helmets since they look ridiculous, imo. I’m also against a skinsuit since nobody wears them in a triathlon race for obvious reasons (swim). Even when I do the relay later this year, I refuse to wear one. And of course they’re expensive from what I understand.

It’s only rated average in that article I linked to. Of course, that’s just one study/opinion and could be total bs.


I was walking around the Mitsui outlet this weekend and came across these at Boutique de Velo (who also have some stores in Taipei)

I know it’s expensive, but just trying to give you some more options.


Boutique de Velo has an outlet store?



Some out of season bikes on sale and good deals on some apparel and accessories too.

I saw LOOK Keo 2 Max pedals for 2000NT, whereas in the retail stores, they cost twice as much.


Thanks ranlee. I almost went to Giant today at lunch, but decided against it because I was a bit tired. I think I’m decided on the Giant helmet- either the Rivet or the much more expensive helmet (I can’t remember the name but I remember what it looks like). So I think I’m done looking.

Like we discussed on the ride over the weekend, anything that’s halfway decent should be an improvement over what I have now. I have an okay seat, good aero bars, and good cycling shoes. Everything else is very basic and so it’s very easy to upgrade! A new kit soon too (maybe at the same time at Giant).


I don’t ever really hear good things about Giant apparel. I’m actually not sure who manufactures for them, but never seen people wear their stuff for too long.

Do me a favor, don’t buy their apparel. Haha

Take a look at Atlas

or VM Design


I saw a lot of imported stuff when I went to their Nanjing East Road store last time. I’m not interested in their apparel, mostly because I don’t want to be a walking billboard for Giant. With their bike and helmet soon, that’s enough!


Thanks all. I ended up buying the Giant Pursuit. It had more ventilation than the Rivet and it just looks so much better! Couldn’t find any real reviews since it’s so new. I hope I made the right decision.


If it’s good enough for Michael Matthews to win stages in the TDF, it’s probably good enough for us :). Congrats with the purchase!