Best "all you can eat" BBQ in Taipei?

There are two gigantic Korean joints on either side of Xinyi at the Keelung intersection, if that is more what you were after.

Pretty shirty with the free advice, I have to say.

as for korean… give andrew a call! if he doesn’t have the answer for no.1 best korean bbq in town something is up.

The number for Andrew is 1-800-@andrew0409

Samwon is neihu is really good. Some of their soups are spot on and some a little off though. But overall it’s good. A bit pricy.

I went this one last time

they have one in da’an, depend what you choose on meat is all rigth, not the fish.

also is you put “yakiniku” in google map you will find more all you can eat japanese bbq in taipei (yakiniku is the nippon name for grilled meat)

Mongolian BBQ recommendations anyone?

In Italy or Taiwan?

Of course in Taiwan.

Sorry, I somehow thought you were in Italy. My bad.

How does “yakiniku” work versus whatever the Chinese characters are? Now I’m wondering if there should be a thread for search hacks in Taiwan. I was trying to find Korean restaurants on Google the other day, and was getting quite different results using “Korean” or 韓國 or 韓式.

To at least tangentially address the question of the thread: no answer. After I hit my mid-30s, “best” and “all-you-can-eat” became pretty much contradictory. Once a year or so we go with the in-laws to one of those hotel buffets, because at least everyone can easily find something to eat, and man, the quality is not high.

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OK then, for Japanese you can try this one . They have all you can eat options, and branches in various places (there is one more or less opposite the Regent hotel on Zhongshan North Rd). My son used to work there, and it is not bad.

Are there any all you can eat American barbecue places?

Remember the Brazilian craze, where they brought the meat around on spits?

There is one (although not Brazilian) at Keelong Road, near the intersection with Dunhua South Road.

106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 2, Keelung Rd, 270號2樓
02 2735 1526

I’ve been there only once, it’s not bad, but you have to make a reservation first.

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An Italian churrascaia??

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That was the word I was looking for!

The cuisine itself is churrasco.

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You missed a ‘R’ there.
It’s churrascaria

That one you got right :wink:

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Apparently it wasn’t.

Close enough. R, no r, c’mon.

All of which brings us around once again to “Where the :banana: did all those restaurants go”??