Best American Statesmen

Flowers instead of stones?

  • JFK
  • Bush I
  • Bush II
  • Reagan
  • Carter
  • Nixon
  • Ford

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Which of the following US presidents would be given flowers instead of being stoned while walking down a street in any working class neighborhood (without body guards, of course)?

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This is supposed to be a serious thread or a funny thread?

These are the type of threads I’ve been missing out on?

Maybe I’m just not as charming (or funny) as I think I am.


And I wanted to vote for Teddy. Throw a stone at him and he’d be on you with his big stick like that. (snaps fingers)

Where’s Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas, Cesar Chavez, Black Hawk, Rudy Giuliani,Gordon Kiyoshi Hirabayashi?

NamaNeedling X :beatnik:

So, I would have to make a choice on based on what? What kind of working class neighborhood? Well lets look at the choices.

JFK-An Irish Catholic neighborhood, then I guess he would have to get flowers. And perhaps a few panties flung his way.

Bush I-Any neighborhood that didn’t have a sushi resturant.

Bush II-Any working class neighborhood, that flies an American flag, plays Johnny Cash,and ties a yellow ribbon around an oak tree. Oh, and a few 18 year olds that are eligable for the Armed forces.

Reagan-Waste of time, as he would have kept asking “Now where are we at?”

Carter-Anywhere he could build a house.

Nixon–Anywhere that had a golf course.

Ford-Any working class neighborhood he wouldn’t trip in .

Since Clinton is not listed, my vote goes to JFK.

Ben Franklin was the best and has yet to be topped.

Henry L. Stimson

“Diamond” Joe Quimby

Zippy the Pinhead!

I would have voted for George Washington over Franklin, though I have great respect for Mr. $100 bill. Not many people could have the chance to be made king, have army and the popular support, and then yield all the power.

Nobody voted for Lincoln yet eh? May I award an honorable mention to a Mr. George Mason, also known (or perhaps unknown) as the forgotton founder. Author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights on which the Bill of Rights is founded, and the one statesman who refused to sign the Constitution on the basis that it allowed for slavery.