Best and worst comedians


Saw Jeselnik tonight.Very good. Good timing, not a wasted word. Started the show getting there late for the warmup act. A row a large older women had sat in one of my seats on the aisle. I showed her the ticket and noticed an empty at their far end. They all did the old lady thing and took their tickets out and checked them in the dark. I said, Let’s go," and the lady in my seat got snippy, told me I was late. I said, “I know, but that still doesn’t make it your seat.”

I love people.


I rewatched Bo Burnham’s “Make Happy” on the weekend. Love this one, everything about it is hilarious. He’s insanely talented and a lot of the jokes come out of nowhere. And I like comedy that subverts expectations. Plus the closer of the whole set is an epic 10 minute Kanye-esque song about buying a burrito.

I also recently watched some of James Acaster’s stuff on Netflix. I found his jokes absolutely hilarious but his voice (or accent, really) throws me off.

Speaking of voices that throw me off, The Break is 4 episodes deep on Netflix and Michelle Wolf is killing it. Very funny stuff. I think I’ve become numb to her voice.


Hannah Gadsby “Nanette”. Be warned. Not that funny. But powerful AF. On Netflix.


I’m about 10 minutes in. I find it funny (maybe not hilariously so). So far she’s only talked about small town Australia and “Where are the quiet gays?” but feels pretty on-point. I liked this line: “I do understand that I have an obligation to lead people out of ignorance at every opportunity… but I left him there, people.”


Okay, I’m regretting laughing at that now.


Less “funny” as she goes on, though. I have to applaud Netflix on this one. It’s more of a monologue than stand-up. Very tough to take all she has to say, but she is bang fucking on.


For whack shit, Bobby Lee (Mad TV, general weirdo) has a really good podcast TigerBelly that he does with his gf. On podcast outlets and YouTube, super entertaining if you subscribe to his kind of humour.

Been around for a while but I just got on it lately.


There’s a new Jim Jefferies special on Netflix that’s pretty good. It gets off to a slow start, but still funny enough. Towards the end, though, he tells this 20 minute story about a celebrity birthday party that had me in tears.


Pretty good stuff. The baby story was fun. His Pacino was hilarious.


Still wondering how I missed her.


I’m on the fence about Jefferies. I’m a bit turned off by the fact that drinks what looks like beer during the show, seems drunk and that he just makes himself out to be a right twat…for effect maybe? I don’t know.

I do however enjoy knowing how to “say” bullsh8t in sign language.


Just watched this last last night. I thought she was great, quite insightful. Really weird outfit though. Really.


It ties into her ethos, mebelieves.


no doubt. She has a six pack. Fierce for sure.


Yeah, he drinks a fair bit. Talks about being into hard drugs too. He seems to not do them anymore but his cavalier attitude about it also makes you wonder. Could be just for laughs… may not be. I am also slightly annoyed by how much he puts on the accent. You can catch him in conversation where he uses his regular speaking voice. He does have a thick Australian accent but not THAT thick. Otherwise, I like him enough.

Iliza Shlesinger’s been around for a minute. She has 3 - maybe 4(?) - specials on Netflix, if you search her name.


Ya, binged her right on back after Millennial. That’s why I am surprised she’s stayed off my radar for so long. Between her, Hannah Gadsby, The Handmaids and those women in orange, (not to mention that clown in orange), I’m starting to think white guys are pretty much shite.


Gervais pounds pints on stage, Chapelle vapes, and well, Dean Martin and Foster Brooks…tradition. Don’t see why this would irk you off his message. Is it that the message is critical of America and your ears don’t enjoy furrin accents making such comments? Sincerely asking, cuz there are plenty of red, white and blue ears out there that are quite offended by critique from without.


I think it was Entourage that ruined it for everyone.

Iliza was on the Kevin & Bean show in LA last Thursday, if you’re interested. 9 minutes.


No. I think it shows a lack of professionalism, which granted may be exacerbated by the fact as gaboman says, that he might be using the drinking to prop up his drinking drugging stories. Either way…meh. I think my brain thinks he’s being disingenuous. My gut says he’s probably a jerk irl. Dave vapes, but what does he vape? I recall Robin Williams’ cocaine fueld HBO special in the 1980s. Wow…what a mess that guy was…but funnnnnnny.

As for offending my nationalistic sensibilities, I guess you are talking about his gun rant? Again…meh. Bill Burr’s take on guns in America is far funnier, which is the point of stand up, yeah? So, before I overthink this, JJ goes for shock humor, calling his kid a c8nt for effect for example. It’s low hanging fruit.

I was watching a talky news show on TYT the other day and one of the heads was saying a female comedian had decided to not tell any more jokes. And that was her show…just spouting off a la John Stewart in the day. I like my news to be newsy and my stand up to funny. I’m funny that way. Same reason I give Sam B’s show a wide pass no matter how many times her commercial says she’s the funniest thing on TV. Not while Wicked Tuna lives, she’s not.

That said, I am willing to give Michelle Wolf a go for the sake of fairness to the art form. The dust from the Correspondant’s Dinner has settled. lol


In Jim Jefferies case, it doesn’t help that the Australian accent is the result of generations of alcohol abuse. Ricky Gervais does indeed tend to have a Fosters (gross) tallboy on stage but he doesn’t seem half as inebriated.

I really liked Jim Jefferies’ gun bit. And his follow ups. And his talk show in general. Usually makes me laugh. But, yeah, I was going to mention him calling his son a c*nt. I don’t care, per se, but it’s not something that I’m going to laugh at. His new special on Netflix was just okay, although I do feel the story he tells at the end tipped it over the edge of being what I’d call ‘great’. Really made me laugh.

I’m just listening to a Bill Burr bit on gun control. I don’t know if it’s the one you’re talking about, but it’s not doing much for me. He’s making okay points, just not funny. Don’t think he’s trying, though. He seems to have a lot of them, though, so I doubt it’s the same one. I just find him okay, but I typically don’t like angry comedy (with a few exceptions).