Best and worst comedians


Been watching a lot of 8 out of 10 Cats recently (as well as its ‘Does Countdown’ sibling show). Not sure why I started, just randomly stumbled across its existence on the webs.

Jimmy Carr is great on both shows which made me tune in to his Netflix special. Entertaining, but not super. I like one liners mixed in with longer stories, of which there really isn’t any in his set.


Anyone here like Stewart Lee?


Looks like Michelle Wolf’s Netflix gig has been cancelled, due to low viewership numbers. (that’s a FOX news link for those of you who are allergic)

Along with a show featuring Joel McHale, whoever that is.

Edgy stand-up comedy - on a schedule - may be the hardest line to walk in Western entertainment.


guess her jokes at WH Correspondents’ Dinner flushed half of her potential audience down the toilet.


The man.


There are only American comedians? It should be put in the header.


Spoke too soon. She’s been cancelled.


Here’s one. Actually, I’m not a fan except for his Ben Carson impersonation. Hadn’t seen this–Ben Carson gains a few points in my estimation for having the fortitude to participate here


I’m a “man” with limited tastes. Best of the best (brilliant separately, but when combined together even better). Norm MacDonald and Dennis Miller.


Looks like Louis CK is trying to make a comeback


The worst, Tim Minchin.

I would crawl across two miles of broken glass just to punch this man in the face. That said, middle aged housewives seem to love him.


Doesn’t seem to be going over very well with the mandarins of PC, who are in a huff that he didn’t clear his sins with them first.

Louis CK if a funny guy. If you’re a woman then I wouldn’t advise being alone with him in a room with a door, but if you’re catching his act there are no issues.

Glad to see him back. Hopefully the mandarins will fail in their attempts to gain control over him.



Jim Jeffries will play Taipei Jan. 10th.



Jim Gaffigan in Taipei March 31 at CPC Convention Center. Heeee’s funny, but looks sick (whispering).


Murphy never had anything on Pryor, even at his peak in the 80s. Actually, I think his brother Charlie Murphy (RIP) was much funnier than him.


He doesn’t have much material for me to say one way or another, but holy crap his Chappelle bits are legendary.

I used to love Eddie Murphy Raw but never liked Delirious. Neither of them have aged well. His albums in general… nup. But if you play Boogie in Your Butt, I’ll probably bop my head along a bit.

Jim Jefferies is this Thursday. I haven’t bought tickets but keep thinking I should check if they’re still available.


Love Jim Jeffries. First got into him through the Opie & Anthony show. His bit about getting punched on stage is legendary.


It rings a bell, but when I googled it I only got the video of him actually getting punched on stage. You know where to find it? (EDIT: I think it’s on Freedumb, I’ll rewatch it on Netflix sometime)

He has a podcast every week now. Technically they talk about his TV show, but mostly it’s Jim complaining about how much the bread sucks in the US and calling people in the room ugly. I used to think he was faking the accent but after the podcast I realized, while he kind of ‘bungs it on’, that’s basically how he sounds.