Best and worst comedians


Who here merembers seeing JJ back at Carnegies, 15 odd years ago? He was a total unknown at the time.


That’d be an experience. He must’ve been okay to be able to remember him. I’ve seen a lot of unknown comics before and I swear if any of them became big I wouldn’t remember seeing them. But then none of them will ever be big either.

There was one guy I saw opening for Bobcat Goldthwait that was just the worst. I’d rather see Tiffany Haddish on New Years Eve than sit through his lame jokes again.


It used to be on YouTube. I tried looking for it and couldn’t find it though. It probably got removed.

Also love Colin Quinn, Bill Burr and Jim Norton.


I found it about 45 minutes into his special “Contraband” which is on youtube. It’s not a great one, but shows you where he was going. But similar to what I said earlier, his voice was completely different 10 years ago. Plus he’s gotten so much better. I guess even if this is a persona he’s putting on, it’s more likable than what he was back then.


Eh. I liked his early stuff. It was unpolished, but very raw.


It’s always been a persona. I talked to him before his set at Carnegies and there was no way of knowing that was his persona. He was very polite and very quiet but once he went on stage he became a different person.


Oh yeah, it was funny enough. I think he peaked at “Bare” though (Netflix special but not on the Taiwan Netflix, unfortunately). His new one’s okay, but the highlight of that is his Mariah Carey/James Packer story.

Well, right, I always assumed so. But you listen to his podcast and interviews and such, I think he does show the real him plenty and it’s fairly similar to his more recent stage persona.


It’s a fascinating subject how on-stage personas can takeover a person. Johnny Vegas is a guy who openly admits his persona took over his life and almost destroyed him.


It seems like Andy Kaufman’s personas took him over. Hard to say who the real Kaufman was.


Hell, Andy Kaufman’s personality took over Jim Carrey. Powerful thing that.


Sacha Baron Cohen and Stephen Colbert are two others who really lose themselves in their characters.


yeah, I watched that documentary, Carrey really went full retard. Jerry Lawler was not impressed.


I like it when they give a shit and aren’t just phoning it in. Although I guess Carrey went far beyond just giving a shit.


He seems to have a “normal” persona you hear in interviews though. It’s one thing to stay in character. Jerry Seinfeld’s show is pretty good for seeing the regular side of comedians, like Will Ferrell who’s always in character


Besides Anchorman (at least the first one), I can’t stand Ferrell.

That new Holmes & Watson flick looks as appealing as a wad of betelnut spit.


He’s one of my favorites, but I like slapstick. I usually like his ones that get panned so I’m looking forward to this.


I liked the one where he played one of Santa’s elves, but all my friends hated it.


Me too, even it’s obvious and you can see the joke coming a mile off.


That’s awesome. Land of the Lost might be my favorite. I like Danny McBride too


To each their own. I liked Anchorman and his part in Zoolander. I also like his Bush impression. Can’t say I’ve enjoyed anything he’s done the last decade though. For slapstick, I prefer some 90s vintage Jim Carrey, or some 60s vintage Peter Sellers.