Best and worst comedians

yeah, I watched that documentary, Carrey really went full retard. Jerry Lawler was not impressed.

I like it when they give a shit and aren’t just phoning it in. Although I guess Carrey went far beyond just giving a shit.

He seems to have a “normal” persona you hear in interviews though. It’s one thing to stay in character. Jerry Seinfeld’s show is pretty good for seeing the regular side of comedians, like Will Ferrell who’s always in character

Besides Anchorman (at least the first one), I can’t stand Ferrell.

That new Holmes & Watson flick looks as appealing as a wad of betelnut spit.

He’s one of my favorites, but I like slapstick. I usually like his ones that get panned so I’m looking forward to this.

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I liked the one where he played one of Santa’s elves, but all my friends hated it.

Me too, even it’s obvious and you can see the joke coming a mile off.


That’s awesome. Land of the Lost might be my favorite. I like Danny McBride too

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To each their own. I liked Anchorman and his part in Zoolander. I also like his Bush impression. Can’t say I’ve enjoyed anything he’s done the last decade though. For slapstick, I prefer some 90s vintage Jim Carrey, or some 60s vintage Peter Sellers.

Wow, 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is definitely on my list. I also often find myself enjoying movies with very low ratings.

All time classic slapstick!

If you’re interested, he did Conan O’Brien’s new podcast (Conan Needs A Friend). He seems like an alright guy. I personally really like the Anchorman movies, Elf, and Stranger Than Fiction (but also find some other movies hit and miss).

There’s apparently a Ron Burgundy podcast coming; that should be good.

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I liked Stranger than Fiction too. I like Maggie Gyllenhall

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Obviously a Democrat. :sunglasses:

Joe Wong is hilarious


Amazing thing in there was that Jesse Jackson was sitting next to Bill O’Reilly. :popcorn:

Jim Jeffries TV show is on at 11pm Monday to Friday on Comedy Central, MOD Channel 380.

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