Best bank for a money order in USD for renewing passport at AIT

The idea behind getting money orders or bank drafts is to prevent corruption and embezzlement. It’s common in undeveloped countries when dealing with embassies. Not so much with developed countries, though there may be exceptions.

I always paid in cash when dealing with the AIT.

You’re not supposed to send cash through the mail AFAIK.

That makes sense. I usually go to the AIT in person.

I think I couldn’t get an appointment for awhile so I decided to mail it in.
It was back in 3-4 weeks.
I hear delays are very bad now but that is on the US processing side.

Really? We applied for a passport for LO last Monday, and received it by courier today.

I tried that and they turned me around and said mail only. This was the one in Neihu.