Best bank for international transfer?

i am currently using china trust, and when i need to send money to taiwan (such as now, to pay rent) it takes about 2 or 3 days and then they need to phone me to authorize it. problem is, if i miss the call i’m screwed and they don’t phone back. so i need to sit by my phone all day or they hold my money at ransom. i missed it today because i was ordering a drink. so yea, kind of tired of this. do other banks have a different system? any without the sitting at the phone all day or you’re screwed game?

Story of my life…

BOT doesn’t usually call me for incoming transfers, but I have the same problem of 2-3 days wait. Some of that might be the bank you’re sending it from - an additional day in their account means $$$ for them.

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cheers, well as i’m already waiting, waiting without the hassling phone call sounds awesome in comparison…

i can second @rooftopclown, BOT phoned the first time i set up the transfer, since then everything was automatic until today. I forgot to update my ARC with the bank, so they phoned and asked me to bring my new card, 10 mins in the bank and all sorted.

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