Best bars/clubs to meet a local woman

Ok so I just got to Taipei recently, found myself a place to live, and have about a week until my language program starts. Sooo I have a lot of time of my hands and have been kind of bored going about the city alone. I’ve heard much about the plethora of beautiful women with an eye for us foreign guys so I figured that could probably help cure my boredom.

So basically, where should I go? Ideally would like to meet like a young professional type than a ditzy college student. Any suggestions? Also I may end up going to these places alone so I guess clubs would be a lot less awkward to do that than bars. What time do the clubs start to fill up?

Mmm and also if anybody wants to join me or take me along somewhere that would be cool too.

Problem I see is not picking up a girl in Taiwan…just when you take them home…they HATE mold :whistle:

so if you are growing any on your person, get rid of it :slight_smile:

Where to go? Heck there are tons of nite time places around the Taipei 101, etc?

Just go out. Spend time in the cafes. Meeting nice girls is a matter of getting out there !

Chuckin and jivin.

This topic is due for an update. Anyone?