Best breakfast joint in Tainan

I went by there a couple weeks ago and it looks nice but there’s no parking within a few blocks seems like so I didn’t try.
Planning next time on a scooter or taxi.

Also want to try LURE Late Late Breakfast, No. 19號, Lane 153, Section 1, Linsen Road, East District, Tainan

haven’t really found a good western breakfast yet.

I find Wake Up really so so, stopped going there.

小日子 on Haian Rd is good小日子+tainan/@22.9945538,120.1863207,15z/data=!3m1!4b1

I like Chador too it does not fill me up though.

This one was top notch
They changed their menu though, they used to have a great western (frenchy) breakfast, still good, and great staff.

When I’m in Tainan and want an American breakfast, I go to the Rolling Egg, 翻滾吧,蛋捲!
Linsen Rd Sec 2, Lane 192, Alley 35 No. 23
電話:(06) 236-1993


Don’t need American. Just good breakfast. I have found most taiwanese settle for chabuduo or haihao. And I cook pretty damn well, so when I go out it better be at least good, preferably excellent.
I am at NO Q pizza now just bc it is good (not excellent) but I don’t have the 10hrs I need to make a good dough right now and my daughters ate all of the Tlacoyos B4 I could get home

Haven’t been to rolling Egg in almost a year. I remember it was on the pricey side, and just good. Not outstanding.
Wake up breakfast has definitely declined since ethey Cha he’d ownership, but for a 250nt platter that feeds myself, my wife and both girls (with unlimited Philadelphia nut spread, we go about once a month. Only fried things tho.
Tried to go to the Danish republic. But they were closed and nobody there. Though it said they should be open. Left my girls HANGRY. My buddy told me they open really sporadically, though their website says they are a BnB.
Won’t try again.
That was this morning. It’s after work, at night and I’m still POd.
Food is important to me. Running around for a couple hours and failing at eating out handt happened In A while, but it’s def no fun.
Thanks for the recs.
Will try tmrw.
My dad leaves Wednesday, so have a few days left to try

Google recommended this place. Might check it out tmrw.

No. 15, Lane 61, Section 1, Fuqian Road, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700

Went to the narrow door cafe today. Cute. Quirky. Ridiculous prices they went up. 390 per meal. Drinks 190. We left

Thanks for the tip, good one.

Went to visit, was good, but I still prefer Arkansas café in Kaoshiung as best in Southern Taiwan for an American breakfast.

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Arkansas… I like Landis. But it’s pretty heavy and carby. I can only do it once in a while.

I thought this guide to Taiwanese breakfast was pretty cute.



Is Imma still good? I used to go there when I lived there and the original owner was running the place.

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Yes, obviously not light food but one of the best in Tainan.

That would be the only meal of the day. I’d start to order something and the owner would say “Let me just bring you something”, and then the table would be full of all kinds tastes of this and that. shakshuka, fresh pita, hummus…

I went to Stammtisch not too long ago. Owner is from Aus, wife Taiwanese. It’s a cute place in an old classic Tainan building. Outstanding food. Well worth a visit.

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Just throwing this out. You can try the factory on the weekends. Chris serves serious brunch that makes you wish you were back in states.

Factory 共嚐美式料理坊
No. 630號, Gongyuan Road, North District, Tainan City, 704
06 251 6151

Wait, is this a good selling point lol


Great place.

Handy guide to whip out at the breakfast joints. I would hit the you tiao and dou jiang. Or maybe the omelette. Can’t do heavy breakfasts.

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Rolling Egg is great. I had the Greek scrambled eggs with feta cheese and spinach. Bottomless coffee, some parking for car, good air conditioning. Open at 8 a.m. earlier than most that open at 10 or later.


I want to try Stammtisch for breakfast but looks like regular food with an egg on top and not truly a breakfast style dish.

Food looks good though.

good job, you finished! Drink more than a cup of coffee? Where else offers free refill?

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Not sure if you’re still looking for breakfast in Tainan, but I’ve started keeping a list of my go-to spots.

  • ChangRong Beef Broth (長榮牛肉湯) Very nice beef broth breakfast shop. Often sold out by 9ish a.m. $

  • YeJia Squid Noodles (葉家小卷米粉) Squid + rice noodle soup; $

  • LuJi Crystal Dumplings (祿記水晶餃) Tainan’s Crystal Dumplings; $

  • Qing Qi Vegetarian Dim Sum (清祺素食點心部); Salty doujiang snack 鹹豆漿 $

  • Bibi Pancakes; Tiny hole in the wall “iron skillet” pancake place with decent coffee, best to have a reservation or check for seats. Not many seats available. $$ - Also, I’m including this because I love it, but it’s not actually a breakfast place. They don’t open until noon. No idea why. I’d be there much more regularly if I could get a skillet pancake for breakfast.
    bibi pancake