"Best" business bank

I am looking for a bank to help my business with the following:

  • business loans
  • managing cash flow
  • business CC
  • online customer payment solutions
  • loans and leasing
  • superannuation
  • business insurance
  • supply chain - biller and supplier payment assistance
  • transaction solutions
  • property, trade finance
  • etc

One bank is not for you. There is no good one stop shop. You need to separately seek out those services. We have a house loan from one bank, a car loan from another, retail credit card machine transactions from another, business loans from several different banks, cargo and credit reciept financing from another, insurance from yet a different one and savings accounts, credit cards and stock accounts all from other banks. If you think that working with one bank would help your cause or simplify things you need to know that each department in a bank is almost like a separate company with virtually no communication and hardly any cooperation. Happy shopping.

i am back in taiwan soon, could we hook up for a chat?

the separate dept thing isnt a surprise but still… guess i am just spoilt here with banks competing for my custom via offering a suite of services to meet my needs…

Sure, I can meet you. But it really isn’t some big mystery. Just shop around for the services you need and go for the cheapest bank for what you need.

I wish I could work with one bank for everything, as I was hoping that would give me better rates since they get so much of my business and I would look some big customer. It would also help them to give me more credit as they know about all aspects of my business and maybe loan me more money. However, in in Taiwan, it unfortunately doesn’t work that way, but I am still trying to do that.

My Taiwan wife tells me the best way is to develope a relationship with the bank manager. However, Taiwan people are great at making and saving money and to impress a bank manager, you need a lot of money to deposit in their bank all at once. The amounts that you and I think are a lot pale in comparison to what impresses Taiwan bank managers.

so the big MNC banks are no good? weird stuff :loco: