Best cake shop in Taichung

I just moved to Taichung from Taipei. Am looking for a cake shop/patisserie that rivals Boite de Bijou so far, but only like their opera and caramel pudding. Anyone else has other recomendations for good French cake shops?

15eme Patiserrie, behind the Sherwood. I was told the owner is Michillen trained (and I’m not talking tires).

Just went there today and picked up a few awesome treats.

Here’s just a few of what they offer. :lick:

It’s clearly several notches above most Taiwan cake shops, though it’s not cheap, at NT130 a slice.

[quote] . . . . a handful of Taiwanese entrepreneur-chefs are slowly raising the bar, by studying in France and returning to Taiwan to open high-quality establishments.

Hung Che-wei is one such example. Owner of 15e Patisserie, a hip French pastry shop behind the Sherwood Hotel in Taipei City, he has created a dazzling display of tempting pastries, some of which, he confided, were even inspired by ex-girlfriends. Hung acknowledged an interest in numbers, saying that the name of his bakery comes from the 15th “arrondissement”–or district–of Paris, where he lived during his stay in France. He even employs his own method of storing recipes on his computer using a system of numbers for easy access.

Whatever his technique, it seems to be working. The pastries look beautiful, taste delicious and are not as heavy as their French counterparts. “The pastries are wonderful,” Alain Guerret, a French ex-pat said, gesturing to the display. “They have less sugar and are lighter. In a way, they are better than the ones in France,” he added, before saying that he was so impressed with the pastries that he visited the shop almost every day. . . .[/quote] … ctNode=122

EDIT: Oops, I just realized the OP said Taichung. Never mind. The above’s in Taipei. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finga’s might be your best bet, but they seldom have a large selection at any one time. You could probably get something made-to-order. They’re also not very cheap.