Best CDs for learning French

I tried a search but got nada, so here goes:

Dragonbabe is learning French in college, but they don’t offer much in the way of language learning tapes or CDs for extra audio practice, so she’s thinking of buying a pack of CDs at a local bookstore to supplement her courses. We checked some out in the bookstore together, and there’s quite a variety of rather pricey boxed sets, with 2-10 CDs each. We really didn’t know how to choose. We definitely want something that’s mostly or all CDs, rather than more books with minimal supplementary audio.

Has anyone here had a good or bad experience with any of these materials, or with any of the name brands commonly putting these out? Any recommendations? :help: Thanks! (I know, a language exchange would be great, but she doesn’t feel quite ready for that yet.)

(EDIT - not music CDs – language learning! :wink: )

A good CD for learning French?

I know a few…

L’affaire Louis Trio - Mobilis in Mobile or L’Homme Aux Mille Vies
Arielle Dombasle - Mortelle
Benjamin Biolay - Rose Kennedy
Coralie Clement - Salle des Pas Perdus

I can suggest you:

very good!

  • “Communication progressive du francais” There are two books and 2 CD: 1. Debutant (beginner, blue book) and 2. Internediaire (Intermediate, green book) The CD come separately
  • " Grammaire en dialogues", CD is included. Beginner

Good luck