Best Cheesecake in Taipei

Starbucks Cheesecake

  • Sucks big time
  • Is typical of Taiwan
  • Is pretty good
  • I can’t live without it…
  • Starbucks sells Cheesecake???

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I have made it my sole quest in life to find the best cheesecake in Taipei. Does anyone have any nominations? Hey, it’s New Year, and i’m sick, so I haven’t got much else to post. My first nomination is:

Lavazze Coffee Shop, on Dunhua South Road next to Sogo dept. store

out of 5
flavor - 4
portion - 5
value - 5

Any other nominations?

Then I’ll be able to write my book
Me, My Cheesecake and I.


My vote is for Tasters in Tien Mu b[/b].

I love Lavazza’s coffee, trying to duplicate it at home. Anyone know any good espresso machine retailers? Lavazza’s cheesecake is not that great.


actually the best cheesecake in taiwan is in a little burg called Chiayi b[/b] on the way to Alishan. It’s at a shop called the Wishing well, run by a British bloke who makes the best Cheese Cake anywhere in the world. My gf and I tasted it on our recent trek to ali mountain and man, this man can cook up a cheesecake of epic taste. Don’t have address or tel number, sorry, but it was on a big raod caled Daya Road, locals call it Little Tienmou. lots of coffee shops and tea shops and seafood emporiums. Bloke’s name is Jonathan. Was written up in NEXT magazine last yaer. if yiou need more info, pm me.

Actually, I think Warung Didi in Kenting b[/b] has the best cheesecake in Taiwan. I am surprised of how many foreigners go to Kenting b[/b] without visiting that little gem. I make it a part of my trip there, just for the Thai tuna salad and cheesecake.
In Taipei, however, I have yet to find a cheesecake that pleased my palate so I resort to making my own cheesecake which is pretty damn tasty if you ask me…
I guess I make the best cheesecake in Taipei…just not on a level for sharing with many others.

The Greek joint - Mykonos is it? - has a pretty good one…

And I discovered the chicco d’oro’s pumpkin cheesecake is quite nice, too. Cappuccino is VERY strong, but the flavored lattes aren’t flavored much. kenneth

I vote for Mykonos too.

BTW the entrees at Mykonos are pretty ho-hum. You can make a much better meal by ordering lots of stuff from the from the front of the menu.

best cheesecake, especially greek version

If anyone is curious, here is a link to a thread regarding the Mykonos Taverna.

I like the Coffee Bean’s (original flavour) cheesecake, just behind main Sogo. It’s also a good place to go to see the Sogo shopgirl at play.

The cheesecake I had at Ruth’s Chris Steak House was outstanding. And the steak was excellent, too. Come to think of it, most everything was good there.

Now, if friends with expense accounts would only visit Taipei on business a bit more often…

For my taste, the big yellow round cheesecake at Costco is the best. But that’s not saying much.
I don’t like Taster’s. It seems that the emphasis in Taiwan is on the cake and not the cheese.
A few years ago I went to the states and had a stopover in Seatle. I got a cherry cheese danish at the airport Starbucks. Ummmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. That was the best non-sex, non-drug related experience I have had in the last ten years.
Starbucks in Taiwan doesn’t compare.

I would settle for a Sarah Lee. Whom nobody doesn’t like.

My girlfriend’s cafe makes and sells cheescake. However, it’s a small place and sometimes all the cheesecake gets sold out. Being no cheesecake conoisseur, I have no opinion on the relative quality. If you want to try it, just drop round to Nook Cafe Theatre, No. 12, Section 3, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taibei 103 - nearest tube station Minquan on the Danshui (red) line.

It’s not far from where ImaniOU lives!

Milk Houses. It’s called Mi Ge in Chinese, or Rice Elder Brother. They have a large outlet at 82 DaDong Road (Big East Rd) at Shilin.

I wrote about the cheesecake here, with pictures.

How about Carnegies for a big heaping, helping? Taste was good and price was fine.

Frankly, almost all the samples I’ve had have been terrible, perhaps because the Taiwanese people I know seem to think that cheesecake is supposed to taste like cheese. No - and hamburgers aren’t made of ham, either.
I can make cheesecake that tastes better than any I’ve ever had here. Unfortunately, I’ve never lived in an apartment with an oven in Taipei.
If you find a bakery or restaurant with a chef from the West, it would probably be OK.