Best Chicken Wings

Where are the best chicken wings in Taipei? The wings at Dan Ryan’s had been good till they changed the cooking sauce 6+ months ago. Shannon’s wings are so-so, Brass Monkey’s wings are very cheap and not bad. Some guys have recommended the wings at Hooters, but that is one of my most unfavourite places in Taipei. Where do you go for good wings??

Ever tried Chili’s at the Neo 19? It’s the standard TGIF/Dan Ryan’s atmosphere, but they make a tasty wing! :slight_smile:


I like Tony Roma’s well enough. Blue cheese sauce…mmm :slight_smile:

Well, my dollars worth puts Chili’s at number 1. Hooters at number 2, but be specific with how you want them done (deep fried or not, I believe) they can be a bit snarly when “you mess up the order”-LOL. Other said places in this thread are basically as described, but I wonder about Carnegie’s-shall investigate…

Where not to get them is at Oldies-Goodies. Nice place, o.k. food, but my chicken hadn’t been properly plucked and I think it was still in “cluck” mode when the wings arrived… I have had some experiences in other places in Taipei(can’t remember names) where they were simply-GROSSLy misrepresented as buffalo wings.

Oh, yes, and let me not forget-TGIFriday’s-is generally mediocre to, well you can imagine!

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Thanks for starting this thread jambobwana, what a good idea. I am a wings fan and it has been so long since I considered ordering wings anywhere that I basically gave up. There have been a couple of street vendors with good wings in Taipei but they seem to have dried up.

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I have been meaning to get over there and try them but haven’t gotten the chance yet, I hope they are still there.

I am glad to hear the recommendations for Chilis, I shall have to try them, though they are a bit far. What turned me off that place when I stopped by to look at the menu were the prices, seemed pretty steep, even for a western restaurant in Taiwan. Are the wings a good value?

Anyone else spotting good wings anywhere please post!

Citizen Cain!
The dill sauce for dipping is yummy and the wings have just the right tang. YUMMMMMMMMM!

Thanks for those recommendations. That Yongkang St place sounds particularly interesting. My preference is for wings rather on the spicy side.

Dave and Busters, Tai Mall, Nankan!

[quote]I have been meaning to get over there (Wing House on Yungkang St.) and try them but haven

That place on Yongkang St is still open. They’ve been in business for over a year. I’ve gone their a few times and its pretty decent but he doesnt have blue cheese so just bring your own or take out. His wings are almost as good as my homemade Buffalo wings. :stuck_out_tongue:
Coming from Buffalo, I know what I’m talking about.

Has anyone had the wings at Carnegie’s? Their menu on the 'net describes them as spicy and made with honey mustard sauce, which sounds good. I’ve yet to get there, but have any of the wing aficionados here tried theirs and have a rating to post?

The Wing House is now closed. They had wings in 5 flavors and at 20/190nt, they will be missed. So is there anywhere with a good wing special still going? The 10nt tuesday special at Citizen Cain has changed to 10/150 or 20/350 + a drink.

it ain’t the same, but costco does sell wings, and they’re not half-bad … get a jug of that blue cheese dressing, and you’re doing well for yourself.

now, if there was only some hockey to watch while eating (and drinking) …