Best Children's textbook

Yes, I’ve done searches, but couldn’t find a thread for what I was looking for…

Do you have a favourite textbook for teaching ESL to elementary aged kids?
If so, why?
How would you rate how they’ve set it up, is it theme/task/functional/grammar based? How are the songs and chants? Do they make children want to sing along?
How is the teacher’s book? Is it helpful, are the activities useful?
Is the workbook understandable but still challenging?
Are some books better for different levels?
Which is the best all round?

If there already is a thread about this? please direct me to it… I seem to recall a thread about textbooks… but maybe my searching technique is lacking…

The textbooks I can think of are Let’s Go, Howdy, English Time, Antics, New Parade, Open Sesame, See Saw, Antics, Up and Away…

Cheers in advance!