Best club in taipei

Hi guys! Any good recommandation to the best clubbing spot in taipei? Heard tat the club JULIANA is happening is it true.And are there any strip club in taipei as well? :slight_smile:

Easy, go to and you will find the most popular clubs in Taipei. Have fun !

Thankz dude! :smiley:

Oh tink itz under construction :noway:

Yes, it was, but not anymore. Have a look at !

I smell spam. There has been at least 3 threads in the last 2 days pointing to www.taipeinightlife.comwww.taipeinightl …
ps. I don’t work for that site :slight_smile:

Spam ? Maybe you have a good nose if you smell something. But, if you have time, you should count the number of times Alleycat or Carnegies is mentioned. But so what ?

PS. Also don’t work for that site.