Best Cover Version?


This is just wrong. Just wrong. Sorry Ozzy.


OK, this is the most out of left field cover I’ve heard in a long time…an African reggae version of Whole Lotta Love…and it totally rocks.






That’s the original singer, though, isn’t it? His voice sounds the same, even though he might be (a lot) older. So this is what heavy metal singers when they age!


That’s Ronnie James Dio’s voice. They just mixed it with a rearranged song :smiley:


I recently discovered that Guns N’ Roses covered one of the greatest songs of all time, “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley, in a distinctively Guns N’ Roses style. This is what a cover is supposed to be - taking an existing song, paying respect to it, but making it your own.


Can’t see that one, not available. This other GNR one with Tom Petty rocks. Axel got some pipes. He’s out of this world.


Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know about this one either. :slight_smile:



The dogs really make the video.


Haven’t heard a cover this good in quite a while. Part of the attraction is not expecting anything this good, for sure, but I think with a bit more maturity on the guitar (and maybe a bit more rawness), this could rank right up of all time best cover versions. Her voice on this is all there.


Holy crap


Kid’s a natural.


Not as great as the original, but still nice!


Hope I’m not sharing this a second time. Anyway, very cool cover.



This band is tight. The singer is good, but the guitar player ROCKS! Seriously epic guitar solo.