Best Cover Version?


The Steve Miller song "The Joker" was covered by K.D. Lang.

Brilliant, bluesy version. Very sexy.


tigerman wrote:

I think you just blew any credibility you might have had with that statement. You might as well go back and erase all of your posts now tigerman. You've exposed your lunacy for all to see. :wink:

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Why is Tigerman's avatar offensive? Actually, yours is more so -- its too damn wide and pushes the page margins off the screen.


I'm almost positive that Dylan himself feels the same way... er, the same way I do, that is... :wink:

[quote]Towards the end of 1996 Bob Dylan started to change his backing band. Winston Watson left and David Kemper from the Jerry Garcia Band replaced him. Bob Dylan has always been a great admirer of both The Grateful Dead and their frontman Jerry Garcia. Many of the covers during the Never-Ending Tour are taken from Jerry Garcia


The avatar thing was lame attempt at a joke. Should learn to use winkies more, but then we might get winkie overkill. You think my avatar is too wide? My cat needs freedom to roam, man. Space to pace, dig? Seriously though, he doesn't do anything weird to my margins.


Don't worry Akosh -- my post was a bit winkie-lite also.


I'm sure we could fill a whole a book discussing the relative merits and demerits of the grateful dead but, in tune with the new policy of not straying from topic, perhaps another thread should be opened entitled; "Aging ex- and current deadheads flog a dead horse." It could prove to be a welcome opportunity for bickering that doesn't revolve around the U.S. It would also have the benefit of being completely opinion-based.

But as I remember it, 1996 wasn't exactly a high-point in Dylan's career. I just assumed he paired up with the Dead to crack into a very profitable fan-base. Anyway, I agree that when Dylan was junked out or whatever he was, he wasn't much of a singer, but neither was Garcia when he was the same. The other members of the Dead's singing was insufferable at even their most sober moments. Bob Weir's vocal improvisations/cat-giving-birth-noises leave me more than a little cold. But, I digest... straying again.

On topic,
Like most of the covers Tina Turner did... whoo, that girl could sing.


Oohh... I have plenty of Dead trivia to support my totally unbiased opinions regarding the Grateful Dead :wink: What's this new policy about staying on topic to which you refer? :wink:

The Dead were done in 1996. Dylan used to tour with the Dead in the mid-late 80s. I saw him and Tom Petty open for the Dead in Akron Ohio back then. The Dead blew him away.

Now, you have to understand that I am in no way denigrating Dylan... I have many of his records and love his songwriting. But everytime I saw him he was wasted and it affected his playing. I also saw him wasted in an elevator in a hotel in Burlington, Vermont, and his speech was even more incoherent than usual :wink: . One particular disappointment... I took my wife to see him at the Syria Mosque, a small 3,000 seat venue in Pgh... He had this young rock 'n roll band backing him and it was halfway thru his first song before I even realized he was singing Tangled Up In Blue.

What are you saying... Jerry did drugs? :wink:

Well, Jerry had a good bluegrass voice (for a while). And Bob Weir wasn't too drugged in the second half of the Dead's existence. But regardless, the Dead, IMO, played Dylan tunes better than Dylan did.

Yeah... on topic... hot legs... :wink:


Doh! Man, I'm out of my league here. I think I've lost too many brain-cells and I know exactly where to lay the blame.

Well, that's what I meant of course. :wink:

Some one gave me a copy of someone called Luther Wright and the Wrongs, who a do a Bluegrassy/Country recreation of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Interesting, and fun, but I don't think it bears repeated listening.

Though, when I was last in Taichung all the foreigner bars were playing a band called "Hayseed Dixie" and they did Bluegrass/coutry versions ACDC songs among many others. From what I remember, that sounded real good.


Uhhhm......anybody can play Dylan tunes better than Dylan. :laughing:


I've always liked the version of Bruce Stringbean's Blinded by the Light performed by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.


Bloody hell :? , I must be stuck in a time warp...

Has anyone selected a song from the past twenty years?

I have a few suggestions:

Living End (Australian band) recently did a great, rocking version of Duran Duran's "Girls On Film".

David Bowie just did a great cover of The Pixies' song "I've Been Waiting For You", and another of The Who's "Pictures Of Lily".

A while back, Red Kross did an awesome cover of The Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More".

Beck did an, erm, unusual version of AcDc's "Highway To Hell"; I think it might have been a remix of Mixed Bizness, but anywauy, who cares, as they're both good songs.

The Breeders also did a nice job on The Who's "So Sad About Us".

Bryan Ferry did a very, very smooth rendition of Screaming Jay Hawkins' "I Put A Spell On You", which The Future Sound Of London then stretched out into an 11-minute massage.

Oh, and back in the era of somne of the previous posts, David Lee Roth did an awesome version, with some help from Steve Vai... of "Tobacco Road".

Happy listening,

The Big Babou :wink:


Babou is right. Maybe hte mods could rename this thread 'Here come the hippies again'. The sixties is well over. Now the eighties - there was a decade to remember.

So my favorite cover of the last few years, New Zealand born, half Malay Chinese, half Maori singer Bic Runga (in reference to the title song of her Debut album 'Drive') guest sings a remake of The Cars 80s clasic 'Drive' on the (NZ band) Strawpeople's latest album 'No New Messages'

Other covers I like a lot:
Tom Wait's sings Kurt Weill's 'What Keeps Mankind Alive?' ('the fact that millions are daily slaughtered, stifled, punished and repressed' in case you were wondering).
Elastica's britpop cover of Blondie's new wave 'Call Me'
Kenickie's cover of Gary Neuman's 'We are Agents'
Edwyn Collins' cover of the Eurovision song contest winner 'Ding a Dong' by some band who don't deserve to be remembered.
The (NZ Band) Head Like a Hole cover fo some other NZ guy's song 'Beatnik'

Many others I can't think of I'm sure.



Speaking of which, what the hell are they saying in that song? "Revved up like a douchebag in the runner of the night?" That's what it sounds like, anyway, but it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. :?


Actually, Babou, "I've Been Waiting For Your" wasn't a Pixies original. It was a Neil Young cover.

The Pixies did a kickass version of the Jesus & Mary Chain's "Head On", as well.

I like Aztec Camera's languid acoustic version of Van Halen's "Jump" better than the original.

Camper Van Beethoven's woozy country-fiddlefied take on Black Flag's punk anthem "Wasted".

The Pretenders' cover of the Kinks' "Stop Your Sobbing" (the original was godawful).

The Lemonheads were a good cover band - most of their hits were other people's songs. Ditto the Bangles - all of their hits were covers.


Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen. SURELY.


I'm surprised you didn't nominate one of SRV's Hendrix covers. Didn't he do Voodoo Chile and also Little Wing...?



Speaking of Zevon, right now I'm listening to his cover of "Raspberry Beret" off the Hindu Love Gods album. Rockin'.


Nina Simone doing "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" live is amazing.

Koko Taylor and the Blues Imperials doing "That's Why I'm Crying" is enough to make you.

Willie Nelson's "Stardust" or "Blue Skies" make me want to travel America in a mobile home with an acoustic guitar (and I can't drive or play).

I take my hat off to Etta James' "You Can Leave Your Hat On"

Leonard Cohen's "Always" is good every time.