Best Cover Version?


Peter Tosh covering Chuck Berry’s “Johnny Be Goode.”
Awesome stuff–the song, not the video.


[quote=“Wookiee”]Peter Tosh covering Chuck Berry’s “Johnny Be Goode.”
Awesome stuff–the song, not the video.[/quote]
Johnny Winter – Johnny Be Goode (Edit for youtube)
The Beatles – Roll over Beethoven


The Juggernaut Jugband doing Desolation Row is pretty damn rollicking. Even has a bird-call thingy in it.


[quote=“Josefus”]Hey, we had a 10 page discussion on covers songs already over here.
This is the cover version of that one.

Aaron Neville – Louisiana youtube
Three Dog Night – Momma Told Me not to Come


Anybody mentioning the Neville Brothers can’t be all bad. That’s all I’m saying.


Speaking of Randy Newman. I walked into the 7-11 a few months ago and on the radio was a Chinese girl singing I Think It’s Going to Rain Today. I don’t know who it was and the pronounciation was off in places, but it was a sweet and pleasant surprise.


[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]
Three Dog Night – Momma Told Me not to Come[/quote]

didn’t know that was cover. great song


Long John Baldry – Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield


Sweet Child of Mine (Guns n Roses) done with sitars and tablas.


Carmen McRae – Send In The Clowns

Eat your heart out Barbara.


Yes - “Owner of a Lonely Heart” with a segue into Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” - on the violin! :astonished:


Good one and nice site. I liked Passion for Wii.

Edit: Henery Rollins is cool

a ha ha bra


Two very nice Soul gems here

For all you lovers out there…The Temprees " Dedicated to the one I love"

and the reggae classic tearjerker Norma Frazier “The First Cut is The Deepest” (Which I have on 45 back home)


#114 Rare Earth performance of Get Ready from 1973. Interestingly, these guys were the first, and maybe only white boys to be on Motown.

I have the album this is on back home and its an 18 minute monster on the LP.


Matthew Sweet And Suzanna Hoffs do a killer cover of Everybody Knows This is Nowhere by Neil Young for those inclined.


Thanks for reminding me about those Youtube links, Funk.


black sabbath hand of doom, slayer cover. damn!


Al Brown “Here I am Baby” cover of Al Green.

Damn I love this record!


How did I manage never to hear this


[quote=“Tempo Gain”]How did I manage never to hear this


That’s from an album of covers called “If I Were A Carpenter”. Always liked this version of “On Top Of The World” by Shonen Knife: