Best Cover Version?


I like this take on Neil Young by the Pixies:



Another from that album I particularly like is Redd Kross performing “Yesterday Once More.”


Slim Harpo’s “I’m a King Bee”, covered by fellow, albeit much much younger, Louisiana swamp rocker Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Another of his versions was the encore at a Chicago House of Blues* concert, which was recorded and is up for a Grammy award tomorrow night. While also recorded in 2010, this, unfortunately, is not that version: youtube

Famously covered by the Rolling Stones on their first album. Also the Dead, Led Zeppelin, Boston’s LZ-wannabe Aerosmith, and Pink Floyd.

I don’t think any of the covers comes close to Slim Harpo’s original. Pink Floyd’s version is the best of the bunch, imo, including Mr. Shepherd’s 2010 cover.

Slim Harpo - 1957
Stones cover - 1964
Pink Floyd cover - 1966
Dead cover from Honolulu - 1970
Muddy Waters cover - 1981

*Fun fact: In 1998 I got kicked out of this venue for butt-dialing my Kodak disposable camera during a show. Somehow the flash went off while the camera was in my front pants’ pocket, I was like triangulated by house security, and my wide ass was unceremoniously escorted out the front door. My wife, who was with me, finished the show while I licked the wound a couple blocks away in Harry Carey’s lounge. The house is of course a Tourism! venue, but the sound is excellent.


Kinda like this cover of Jackson’s “Beat it”.


Sarah Brightman’s “Here With Me”. I think it was originally performed by Dido, but not sure.



Most all the covers by Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder are somehow better than the originals. o_O Its crazy They’re always more intense/emotionally-charged than the originals and so much fun live.

Rockin’ in the Free World, Reign O’er Me, Baba O’Reilly, Last Kiss, Crazy Mary, a few Tom Waits (though not even Vedder can match Waits’ baritone), Throw Your Arms, Masters of War, It’s OK.

And my favorite of all time, Eddie Vedder with My Morning Jacket (opening for Pearl Jam) covering the Who’s A Quick One While He’s Away:

This is the youtube rip from their Touring DVD. Amazing on a decent set of speakers. Too much noise for a laptop and rip quality.


Right now I like the Baseballs doing this Katy Perry number.
When I first heard it I figured THEY had to be the originals, from the 1950s…
Wrong, but gave me a nice mistake…


Not exactly Live Shots quality, but for youtube it’s a solid A.

Although it appears that keeping lead guitarists might be a bit of a chore, Joe Ely still gives Norman Petty’s Not Fade Away a good reason to max out the Visa and buy a high-end, neighbor and you have a .40-caliber-discussion-over-noise Velodyne sub-woofer.


Look at Miss Ohio, written by Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch; covered by Miranda Lambert (Four the Record)

Like MGM, Nashville once in a blue moon cuts a diamond luminous as any. Four the Record, e.g.


OK GO with Wave of Mutilation.



“I wanna be your dog” becomes “Me gusta ser una zorra”, by Las Vulpes. After this was cast, the TV show was finished by the channel direction due to media and social pressure :smiley:



“Venus” (Shocking Blue) -> “Si es gratis” (Los Petersellers)



A Van the Man classic done in the woods with a very nice lap steel accompaniment.




Decades - Theatre of Tragedy