Best cycling spots in Taiwan?

Dudes where are the best spots ?

Post in the cycling sub forum pleeze

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Dude, read through some of the cycling threads. Lots and lots and lots of info. Won’t find some of it anywhere else.


The entire island is the best cycling spot.


Except Taoyuan.

What’s TW like for mountain biking? Or is that too risky to get eaten by some kind of huntsman spider or a Great Spotted Bald Eagle snake?

There actually is some MTB stuff there in Taoyuan. Mostly down hill. There used to be a couple events. But that’s not my scene so I don’t have details

And elsewhere, near Taipei there are some trails but also lots of downhill. Have a look at FormosanFatTire website. It’s defunct but still up last time I looked.

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There’s this…

That’s going on next March. It’s not really gravel, but is really the closest one can get to gravel in Taiwan.

I would say most trails would be around Taichung/Miaoli/ChangHua area. I haven’t explored them myself, but always see my friends heading down that way for some trails.

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The nearest night market…

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Thanks, I’ve heard wild pigs are a risk both on-road and off-road. Sounds exciting! December 2021 goals I think.