Best Debit Card for Use Abroad (usability and fee)

I have been trying to find the best debit card to use outside of Taiwan. I travel a lot and would like a card that has a good rate for either cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs or better yet for purchases. I use Chinatrust now because it has worked in every country I’ve visited but the rate seems pretty high (1.5% per transaction plus and extra fee on top of that). Any advice would be really appreciated!

I’ve researched bank cards in Taiwan. They are about the same. Citi credit card sometimes offers extra cash reward abroad but you have to call in to have your card registered for the event. If you have a permanent address in the US, Capital One 360 offers free fee bank cards. I haven’t tried it personally because I haven’t gotten back to the US since I found that out. You need to be in the US physically when you apply for the account. Not sure how are they going to enforce the rule. I don’t think the bank has the information on me being outside of the US but I don’t want to test my luck.