Best DVD ripping tool?

For a while now, I have watched some videos in .avi format.

The visual and audio quality is brilliant, and it got me thinking I wouldn’t mind ripping my entire DVD collection to .avi. For most TV shows and movies, I generally dont watch all the extra features on the DVD, and I rarely use the chapter skip function.

So, I figured it would be pretty damn convenient to have my entire collection on a HDD somewhere on my home network, and then I can watch a movie from any computer in the house.
Besides that, storing DVDs in a convenient way that enables a quick search for a specific title has become quite a hassle.

So, has anyone else ripped their DVDs? What is your favourite tool? is an excellent place to look, loads of tutorials and links to free software


But it converts into mpeg.

Thanks for the link. You are right, very informative! :slight_smile: