Best film from Cannes this year

…is by a 28-year-old director named Hans Weingartner …

… “The Edukators”

I didn’t know Germany had not sent a film to Cannes for 11 years. That’s amazing, they usually make good art films. Wim Wenders and others. Seems Japan and Thailand and South Korea and good ol’ Taiwan are doing better films than Germany recently. But read this:

The first German film to compete in Cannes in 11 [WOW!] years, it tells the story of three idealistic youths who break into rich people’s villas and move around their furniture, leaving behind notes with messages such as: “You have too much money.”

Their aim is not to steal from the rich to give to the poor, but to make their targets question their privileges. When they are surprised by one of the homeowners, they kidnap him and are forced to put their ideals into practice.

“I’m really happy to present this film in the country where the word revolution was invented,” Weingartner says.

The Austrian-born director, who is also a qualified neurosurgeon, said the story was inspired by his own frustration at the lack of political ideals among his generation and the suffocating impact of advertising and media images.

“We don’t know where to put our revolutionary energy and we don’t know how to fight the system because we can’t grab it, we don’t know how to attack it,” he said. “The system has become so invulnerable because it sells revolution to us.”

Critics at Cannes clapped and cheered during scenes in which the kidnappers and their victim intelligently debate how youthful idealism eventually fades.

Weingartner avoids a simplistic ending, but leaves open the possibility that each of them is changed by the experience.

“I am not calling for revolution with this film. It was much more important to me to emphasize how important it is to be critical and to question the status quo,” he said.