Best Freeware

Ok, spill, what is the best freeware that you have on your computer.

I have HTTrack for making copies of websites.

Irfan view - for messing aroung with images.

What have you got that is great?

If one is running Windows: (I don’t like M$ Office)

Gimp (A Photoshop clone and more)

Pegasus Mail (Best email program bar none)

Firebird (Fantastic browser from the Mozilla people)

I am looking for freeware not cracks for something like this Talking translator.

Google’s translation tool and download MS’s text-to-speech engines.

EnZip, Ad-aware 6, Spybot-Search & Destroy, EasyCleaner, and Surf in Peace.

I also have something called MP3 Workshop but haven’t used it enough to be able to recommend it.

[Oh yeah, I forgot the most important one–Kazaa Lite. I love you Kazaa Lite.]

I have Internet Sweeper. Cleans them index.dat files. :wink:

1st Page 2000 is a brilliant program for writing HTML and designing web pages. is very good for something that is free, but it still doesn’t match M$ Office imho.

Mozilla is an excellent web browser.

I use the NoteTab Pro text editor for all of my Web pages and text processing, but the NoteTab Light freeware version is almost as good.

Mailwasher is great. You can view your email and delete them without actually downloading them to your computer. Great for bouncing spam and viruses. Available at

Also, this is not a freeware but a great internet site for hosting your website free.

There you can ad text and pictures…dont have to know much about anything which is great for a dummy like me :wink: It is a bit time consuming if you want to ad several pictures at once.

Swap one for one.

I like to use: EasyOffice at although it has odd interface and annoying nag screen if you don’t buy it.

Still it is very flexible, affordable, and has a bunch of stuff that other suite’s only dream of.


One piece of software that works a treat on win98 pcs english and chinese is


This software is available in freeware and paid form. It was so good that I bought it.

This works a treat even on a P4 system. Things happen instantly, when some of the active desktop stuff is disabled.

Heartily recommended for older systems. Even p2 systems speed up noticeably.


There will be eventually be an XP version, too.


bit torrent file sharing client so i can download american tv shows at work and turn’em into mpg/VCDs. :smiley:

bit torrent file sharing client so I can download American tv shows at work and turn’em into mpg/VCDs. :smiley:[/quote]

Why, when I try to burn mpegs to VCD, do things take so slow.

What are the best freeware shareware downloading sites? I need a DVD decoder.

Best freeware on here?

  • OmegaT (Computer Aided Translation)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Gunbound (online game)
  • Star Chamber (online game)

and just to be a git, 'cause someone’s bound to mention it:

  • Linux (specifically Knoppix)

The good SNES, NES, Genisis, PSX, DOS (Dosbox for playing old school dos games), GBA, etc. emulators found at

Is MSN messenger freeware?

ABC (Another Bittorent Client) for downloading stuff

Xnews for rocking out newsgroups (which I don’t do much anymore)

Smartpar (Since I don’t use newsgroups anymore I don’t use this much) it makes missing files from a parity set (or something)

Points to Tetsuo for listing Gunbound :laughing: I’ve had many a good time with that one.

Best of those:

NES: FCEUltra (and it’s free as in speech as well as as in beer, and Xodnizel, the dev, is constantly updating it)
Genesis/Megadrive: Gens, Kega Lazarus
GBA: VisualBoy Advance (FYI: GBA emulation is now patented by Nintendo)
Arcade: MAME

I guess, but Trillian ( beats it, being multi-platform IM: MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC

And I forgot, I’m also rocking the Litestep goodness, Winamp, Skype, mIRC…

The best freeware for Windows is Morphix or Knoppix. :smiley:

Or any version of Linux, for that matter. But those are convenient since you don’t have to get rid of Windoze. . . .

Edit: Oh eck:

[quote=“Tetsuo”]and just to be a git, 'cause someone’s bound to mention it:

  • Linux (specifically Knoppix)[/quote]

Somebody beat me to it. :frowning: