Best gyms in Banciao

So I have become redetermined to get into shape and thus, need a gym. I live around Jiangzizui/Xinpu area and would really like to find something close. Anybody have any solid advice to steer me in the right direction? Thanks!

There’s Sports + at Banqiao station. I’ve never checked it out personally. Then there’s World Gym near Fuzhong station (I guess it’s still there). There’s a new World Gym in Zhonghe that opened not far from the Global mall (Minzu or Zhongshan Rd?) and not far from Banqiao (though a scooter or bus ride would be needed) Besides that I’m guessing it’s pretty slim pickins. I thought I heard someone mention a gym within a 15 minute bus ride from Jiangzicui but that the gym sucked pretty bad

Yes, it’s still there.

Thanks guys. I was kinda hoping to avoid the hassle of striking a deal with the people at World Gym but its looking like I may have no other choice. I paid 1600 a month at California Fitness a few years back. What are the rates looking like now at WG?

Last time I went to WG they offered a no contract 1,600/m month-to-month option. The standard 1 year deal was just under 1,400/m and the 2 year deal was about 1,200/m if i remember right. That was a few years ago