Best Happy Hour Places and Prices

My Place (石洞) Pub, NT$100 beers with about 10 choices or Jim Beam whiskey coke, 6 to 10 pm.


That takes some beating. I love a drink or two in the zone.

All this time I thought Beer Geek’s 150NT happy hour Tuesdays is the cheapest.

Hooters everyday 1130 to 630. Buy one get one free.


Key words, “Select Beer”. I’ve been there during happy hour before and it wasn’t exactly a choice beer they were offering. Can’t recall what it was, but even at the bogo deal, wasn’t really worth it.

My Place Jack Daniels all you can drink on Wednesday night NT$600.

Challenge accepted.

7-11, FamilyMart … 24/7/365, always cheap beer!

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Gordon Biersch has the least-happy hour.


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Grand Hotel lobby

Happy hour with best views Xinyi 14th floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Free boobs thrown in!
The only thing that’s good seems to be the view.

Today, Cloudy Bay, at home.

How is the 14th-floor Hooters?

Fun and friendly. My personal experience only.

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Seems like a good deal too. A liter of draft for under 200 nt. And 3.5 hours.

Quite a few people are at Hooters Xinyi 14th floor for happy hour that ends at 630 or so?

Mostly, or all, old people, old women, families, etc…

It’s not like a young yo what’s up crowd.

The retired people who have the time and money to drink from 3-6:30.

Yea, that’s one of the boring things about Taiwan, and not only Taipei.

So many other places in Asia, regular people are enjoying life in the daytime. In Taiwan, only old people.

Other places like Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia… daytime is fun.

If people do day drink it seems to be almost exclusively at KTVs.