Best Hotel Pool

Has anyone found a really great indoor hotel pool in or around Taipei?

The kids and I are going a bit crazy with all this rain and I thought it might be find to spend a night in a nice hotel just swimming and vegging out.

Any suggestions?

Tienlai in Yangmingshan is a hot spring hotel but they also have an indoor and outdoor pool section. And most of the hot spring pools are covered too. It’s fun in the rain too and you won’t have much company.

Thanks, I was hoping you’d reply! I’m pregnant so can’t go into the hotsprings but they have a regular indoor pool?

Also checked out the Howard Hotel Shimen Resevoir anyone stayed there?

Well, they have 16 pools some that are only just warm. I remember they had an indoor area with jets and such that was not hot spring water. The big pool with slide was outside but the inside area was a large wading pool like thing.

I know Bu Lai En stayed at the Howard.

The Westin Hotel in Taipei has an indoor pool and kid’s club. … rtyID=1191

Thanks so much

the SHERWOOD hotel has an excellent indoor pool !!
And beautiful rooms tooo