Best Hotels / BBs in Taiwan

I have family visiting next month and plan to spend a week traveling around Taiwan.

Would greatly appreciate any hotel / bb recommendations.

(Specific names / links would be great).


What parts of Taiwan are you thinking of visiting? Be more specific and I’d be happy to suggest some places.

Anywhere on the main Island.

You are visiting everywhere? Very ambitious. I suggest you pick up a guidebook.

You are visiting everywhere? Very ambitious. I suggest you pick up a guidebook.[/quote]

To be fair, anywhere <> everywhere…

They may simply not be limited to a specific area and are actually looking for recomendations anywhere on the island. To that end, I liked what I saw of the Chateau Beach Resort in Kenting last time I was down there. Thats the hotel where they filmed “Cape No. 7”. On that trip, I stayed at the Ceasar Park hotel up the street from there but keep meaning to go try it out.

For Taipei, you may want to look at the Dandy Hotel, the Hotel73 and the Royal Biz Taipei Hotel.

…which is the place where only 23 million people live.

Actually, a week is not enough time to go “everywhere” around Taiwan. Maybe enough to catch a glimpse of Taipei -if you reside in Taipei, that is-, which means you’ll be out on the move most of the time and rarely in the hotel room, meaning the hotel must be convenient first of all, nothing fancy, but well located in terms of transportation routes.

Which brings us to the question: what will be your main means of transportation? Driving? If so, parking is an important constraint rather than a convenience. Also, how many people are we talking about? How big is the family?

If you have not made plans yet, and want itinerary suggestions, we’ll be happy to oblige. For example, if you want to do the around the Island tour, then you could take the high speed rail, visit historic Tainan, move on to Kaohsiung, glimpse at Kending, travel to Taitung, quickly drop by Hualien before heading back to Taipei. But that would be an exhausting marathon… and expensive. Budget?

Thanks. I am looking for weekend getaway type places. The Chateau and the Caesar are both great.

Silks Place
And the Leader are also good ones.

I am just looking for recommendations and don’t want to limit the scope to any one part of Taiwan.


My fav place on the East Coast.

For Tainan, check out the Tainan JJ-W Culture Design Hotel and the Tainan JJ-S Hotel. The JJ-W is more well known but the JJ-S is closer to the train station and within easy walking distance of both the Confucius Temple and Chikan Towers.

That place looks pretty cool and it raises and intesting point. Thats your favorite place on the east coast. I suggested a place in Kenting but aside from Taipei, Kenting and now the east coast, I don’t have any idea where I’d go for a weekend getaway or resort in any other region of Taiwan.

Maybe thats the answer if people have recomendations for getaway spots/resorts in the various regions they’ve been in Taiwan. Anyone know where to go in Taizhong? Tainan, Yilan etc.

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Here are a couple of places that I like, and that I’ve stayed at more than once:

  1. Wai’ao, Yilan: Wai’ao (外澳) is a surfer town with plenty of B&Bs. Local trains stop at Wai’ao; express trains stop one station south in Toucheng. I have stayed at Morning Sun B&B (晨曦民宿) several times. Across the street from Morning Sun is a very nice sandy beach. Nearby is paragliding, Turtle Island, Lanyang Museum. Three train stops south is Jiaoxi (礁溪) with its numerous hot springs and the incredible Mary Leu fine art carving museum. Note: If you don’t speak some Chinese then booking at Morning Sun may be a challenge; however, the owners are incredibly friendly and will try their best to accommodate you.

  2. Penghu: Thirty minute flight from Taipei. Slow-paced outer island chain that is great to explore if you rent scooters there. The four main islands are connected by bridges–the total distance can be driven in an hour. I’ve often found deserted beaches with soft sand and crystal waters. Look for the Aquarium, the Great Banyan Tree, and the Dayi Temple with its basement surprise. Plenty of accommodations at every price. I’ve stayed at Sea To Stay B&B (海旅朝民宿) twice. The owners are extremely friendly and helpful (airport pick up if you fly there, which I recommend). Mr. 李家贛, the proprietor, is known as 贛哥 (Gàngē) and you’ll get a kick out of saying his name. His daughter speaks English so if you don’t speak Chinese he’ll get her on the line to help you. Here are some photos to give you an idea of Penghu.

Broken link.[/quote]

Thanks. Fixed.