Best Immersion/Non-Buxiban Schools in Taipei

Hello all,

I came to this forum for advice before i came to Taiwan and got nothing but the best. So here I am again for advice after several months here.

Ive been working for a major chain school (not Hess) in Taipei and I’m very pleased with their American afterschool program in which the children really develop their English because they spend many hours a day at the school after coming from Chinese school. Essentially its an immersion program with an American style curriculum. I love the school, the kids, and the program and really would hate to have to leave.

Unfortunately, I am quite displeased with the buxibian school the same company has placed me at. There is zero support for the foreign teachers, the Chinese teachers are rude and not particularly helpful and the expectations are unreasonable. The manager lets the “Head Chinese Teacher” run the show and she and I don’t get along, so you can imagine how that has gone.

Anyway, the company seems unwiling to let me leave the buxiban school and transfer to a different school while keeping my American school hours so I may just have to leave.

To be honest, I don’t like buxiban work, and would want to continue my teaching in Taipei in an immersion/afterschool program or switch to adults.

I have heard good things about Happy Marian and Head Start/Jump Start as far as afterschool programs go.

Anyone know of any others with a good reputation? How about schools for adults?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.