Best International Shipping Option For Household And An Art Studio From CA?

Hi All!
First post here.
The whole family is moving to Taiwan from Bay Area California shortly. Not much recent info that I have found here. Not an unusual situation but I am an artist(woodworker/sculptor) and musician (Many guitars, amps, recording equipment).
I have a lot of specialized equipment and I understand the import taxes are very expensive. Any thoughts on how to get around this?
I think a container will be the way to go. Anybody recommend a company?
I need a mentor!
Looking forward communications!

Taxes shouldn’t be an issue if you are shipping used personal items.

I recently shopped around until I found a shipper that would give me the type of service I needed (minimal packing on their part, although you can have some companies professionally pack everything) for a price that seemed reasonable based on my two previous international shipments. Their partner in Taiwan is ‘Asian Tigers Mobility Taiwan’, who will receive my shipment and and help to clear through customs before delivering to my TBD Taiwan address. I can certainly recommend the small local company that has packed and picked up my stuff, but I haven’t received the shipment in Taiwan so I can’t personally recommend Asian Tigers; however, since that is the company that has been chosen by the company that I have used in Canada, it is worth contacting them for a quote, I think.

The more accurately you can gauge the volume of your shipment the easier it will be to compare estimates (e.g. you can get fractions of a container instead of the whole thing). I taped off two cubic metres and downsized my stuff until it would fit in that space, so I could tell the different companies precisely how much volume I had to ship. Downsizing was an easy choice since many of my things were old and it is time to replace them anyways, your situation may be different but do consider that you can buy some things in Taiwan and so don’t need to take everything (I’ve basically discarded the kitchen, for example). Moving a family household plus an art studio you might consider an entire container (are you sending the furniture as well?), but if you just say to prospective shipping companies that you have a household and a studio I think you will get high estimates because they will have to assume there is a lot of stuff on your end.

Is that helpful?