Best kabob stand in Taipei

Anyone have any favorites? I know they aren’t called kabobs. I always hear people calling them YanRO chwon, or NewRO Chwon, or JewRO Chwon. But its all meat on a stick which is called a Kabob in English.

I think the best stand I have been to is in ShiDa night market. If thats how you spell it. I also love 2 of them in Neihu.

My dear friend, I make the best. Marinaded chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and my secret garlic and chili sauce. I make a tofu/gluten variation for myself and fellow vegetarians. An open invitation to Forumosans to sample. Whisky and fireworks included.

Aren’t you a vegetarian?

Geez BC that was quick! Hardly had time to edit!

This will be a short list, I would hazard.

I headed straight to Enmore Road near Newtown in Sydney for my obligatory fix of real shish kebab as soon as I landed in Sydney last month.

Yum. Short of actually going to Lebanon or Turkey, ain’t none finer.

There’s nothing like lamb or beef kebabs. Some of the many things that my misplaced moral erectitude denies me.
Edit: Vile spelling error corrected under guidance of the indomitable Ms Buttercup.

Don’t misplace that!

I’ts ruud to corect my spellings when Im drunk!

You were asking to be skewered, my boy.


There’s a little ‘kiosk’ on Roosevelt Rd. between Taipower station and Gonguan station called Egyptian kebabs. I won’t say they’re the best, but I will say they’re pretty damn good.

Being from Detroit, having one of the most concentrated Middle Eastern and Greek populations in the US I have had some incredible Shish Kebob. But I also have an appreciation for the Northern Chinese styled skewered meat.

Excellent spice they use, that reminds me of Mexican food. But too many stands use too much fat in the meat. I won’t even bother trying to find leg of lamb chunked kabobs in Taiwan. Even Costco has NOTHING.

But does anyone have any opinions on thier fav Northern Chinese styled kabobs–for lack of a better romanization of the word in Chinese?