Best Monitors for 5000NT

Seems to be quite a competative market out there. Has anyone seen any particular bargins? Also, what’s good to look for (features, etc) in a TFT monitor?

Well, what do you need/want?
You’re not being very specific apart from the cost, so let’s see what we can suggest here…
I would suggest a monitor with DVI connector, although in saying that, I dunno what connectivity options you have on your computer, but if it has DVI, it will also have a D-sub. Forget about HDMI unless you have a console you want to connect to it as well, but I have a feeling this will be outside of your budget.
I would go for something with as high resolution as possible, although with your budget, if you want something decent it looks like you’re stuck with a 19in panel.
You should make sure you get one with 1,440x900 or higher resolution if you go for 19in, if you go for a 22in then 1,680x1,050 or better.
Be careful of some of the new so called HD 16:9 19in displays, as they have a much lower resolution of 1,366x768 and are not worth buying imho.
A few I found online that I’d suggest you have a look at: … 0&ROWNO=42 … 0&ROWNO=15 … 0&ROWNO=19 … 1&ROWNO=48 slightly outside of your budget, but might be worth it in the long term as it has higher resolution … 0M&ROWNO=5

thanks, Mr. Swede,
Any idea if its better buying them here or in the UK?
I was thinking of one as a gift

[quote=“trubadour”]thanks, Mr. Swede,
Any idea if its better buying them here or in the UK?
I was thinking of one as a gift
[/quote]Buy it were it will be used. Shipping will probably double the price and you’ll loose the warranty.

Our Benq went dark the other day so I went to the Giant and got one of these ACERs for 4,000NT.

It’s okay once you get used to the wide screen. Especially at first when I didn’t know how to use the calibration wizard and everything was horribly malformed. But now it’s okay.

I’m still using a 12 year old 21" CRT that cost 20k, and refuses to break so I can buy a new flashy widescreen LCD. Git.