Best MRT station for scoping out hot babes

Best MRT Station for scoping hot babes

  • Zhongxiao Dunhua
  • Ximen
  • Jiannan Road
  • Danshui
  • Guting
  • Zhongxiao Fuxing
  • Shilin
  • Taipei City Hall
  • Neihu
  • Taipei Main Station
  • Banqiao
  • Taipower Building
  • Zhongshan
  • Guandu
  • Nanjing E. Rd.
  • Jianzicui
  • Qizhang
  • Dapinglin

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If its not on the list, make a comment and I’ll add it later. I’m talking about a per capita basis, sure Taipei Main Station has a ton of hot babes, but its also probably the busiest station too.

I don’t do that sort of thing, but if I did, I’d go to the Zhongshan station on the red line. Them girls is hotter than Georgia asphalt.

Guandu, without a doubt.

Ximen… :howyoudoin:

I think u can spot very pretty girls at any of the MRT stations. Heres a vid by this guy who does a vid series of his travels in China, and 25 of em on Taiwan and now is doing one on indonesia, very interesting vids.

And here one on the Taipei 101 fireworks. NOtice he just gets on a random MRT car and there are several cuties right there too. Just any MRT car will contain a few ladies worthy of dating/more.

Taiwan really has a very high ratio of good lookers versus plain janes … 7&index=33

That being said, iv seen hotties everywhere but when i was hanging out with a fellow forumosan at the nanking e.rd MRT, there were some that were almost painfully pretty :slight_smile:

And of course the main station has the largest numbers of people so theres going to be many there. But I would say chongshiao /dunhwa is hard to beat for the ones that are the most sexily dressed as they head out to the clubs?

What is it with Taiwan having so many good looking people, when I came back to America after being in Taiwan for over 9 months I noticed how ugly just about everyone here is (No offense to my fellow Americans). I think out of the ones you listed Ximen is obviously the best because of all the shops and such. It’s like the Taiwanese equivalent of a mall and it’s defiantly a young people hangout.

For scoping? MRT is a good place to spot the babes, but then what? Do you go and try to talk them in 10 or 20 minutes trip?
I went to do the MRT flirting session but up to now it is frustration after frustration, you can look but you cannot touch.
And they usually don’t talk to strangers like that. The peoples back in my country were not that hot but at least they were comfortable in their skin, I could always start some little chat in the doctor’s waiting room, waiting on a supermarket line, in some cafe, or waiting for the bus.

Theres a thread on forumosa bout that, picking up chicks on the MRT. And I recall after fifty million pages, nobody has yet come up with a good method.

I’m sure there are similar threads about other some other Asian nations, and I know there are similar comments always made about eastern Europe (especially the Czech Republic) and certain Latin American countries (especially Brazil and Argentina – I’ve never met an ugly woman from either country, though I have met some mingers from some other Latin American countries). Living and travelling in eastern Europe totally ruined English speaking girls for me. I just couldn’t look at them after that and still rarely see or meet any who are great.

I think part of it is many non-English speaking girls (including Taiwanese) know how to dress nicely. Many Australian women, for instance, almost go out of their way to look unattractive. That said, I don’t really like it when girls are really tarted up, and too many Taiwanese girls take it way too far. I find them unattractive, and I bet if you got out the paint stripper to take off the inch of makeup, they’d be kind of horrid. I actually wouldn’t rate Taiwanese girls way up there in the world rankings. Most don’t have good bodies. They’re all wobbly because they have absolutely no muscle tone. So, they may weigh 45kg, but they still have a really high body fat percentage. That said, many girls from English speaking countries are overweight in worse ways (the obesity levels are certainly higher). Being overweight does destroy the natural angles and curves of anyone’s body, but also the face. Especially the face. A face with no inkling of cheek bones or a chin is not particularly attractive. When I first came to Taiwan, I knew a Canadian girl who had really pretty features. She was a little bit chubby, but not overly so. Over the next six months, she packed it on and it really destroyed her facial features as a result.

In line with knowing how to dress nicely is behaviour. Those hyper-girly Taiwanese chicks are too much with their giggling and squeaky voices, but having said that, your average Taiwanese girl has better deportment than many Western girls. It may be cool to hang out with girls who can take on any man in a drinking, smoking, swearing, belching or sports watching session, but I don’t find it particularly attractive, and I think if most guys were honest, they’d agree. I simply don’t find that many girls from English speaking countries to be particularly feminine.

Said it before, I’ll say it again, City Hall Exit #2-Taipei City Hall, especially between 1700 and about 1930, is
All different kinds, some all tatrted to the tits, nice looking regular girls on the way home from work, touristy types coming to see 101, super Cougars taking their kids home from bushi, you name it, they’re there.
And if you’re like me, and I know I am, and looking is all you can do, MRT spotting is perfect.
Not that there aren’t hot spots at others, but that one is the most dependable.

Just keep your back straight and bend at the knees.

I second this - the zhongxiaos may have more treacle per carriage, but its too busy, they are too tarty and pretentious

Now at zhongshan, both main exits are at the same intersection so you can spot all the totty coming through, ace, then go into kanpai to cool off with the half-and-half beer and BBQ

Also, where is JianZiCui? Everytime I travel that line my heart is broken by the girls getting off at that place.

As a side note, I think on the red and blue lines there is definietly a bell curve - Zhongshan is hot :discodance: , then going south, guting not bad, :lick: but then Dingxi - Ok-lah :wink: … nanshijiao - mingers :no-no: … same going north, past shilin most women are physically deformed :doh: (from a beauty perspective), except maybe the VERY rare one at hongshulin or Zhuwei, :hand: but I think they are just going to carrefour before going back to shilin!

The strange thing is when a taiwanese woman reaches or pass a the middle age mark, after 45, most of them just let it go, they start wearing old or odd clothes, don’t dye the hair, some even put those gold or silver crown on the front teeth, become obasans and start yelling at their husbands by the minute. I went to the bank, and was waiting to be attended and I could see lots of beautiful young women, but nice looking old woman? It is rarity here.
In the States a lot of old ladies still groom themselves despite of age. It is not uncommon to see very old women with hair totally white, glasses, lipstick and coordinate dress or pant suit and looking well. Here the women are good looking when they are young, wait until they pass the 45, it is total transformation.

ACtually the buses are sometimes better because if shes sitting on the inside and you next to her and shes got the wheel hump of the bus? Her legs in those hot pants can really be shown due to the hump. NO hump in the MRT>

(words from a pro girl-gawker)

p.s. regarding the past 45. Thats not always true really. And besides you should get all the mileage you can before she turns 45 (and you turn into a zombie).

Okay, I’m gonna update the poll soon with the suggested stations, but when I do it will reset all the previous votes, so if anyone has anymore suggestions, post them soon.

Well, I’ll tell you right now, its weird. On the green line, there’s always titties 'n butts up the wazoo at Chizhang station. One stop up – Dapinglin – its obasan heaven if that’s your bag, and one stop down – Xindian City Hall – its the oldies with saggy stockings all over again. I don’t get it. I think they have some kind of secret eugenics program running over at Chizhang.

My guess is that a lot of the office xiao jie’s get off at QiZhang due to all of the tech companies around there.

Okay, I updated for the last time (I hope).

Whenever I’m on the MRT and see all the beautiful women I just think to myself I Love Taiwan.

I find that Taipei City Hall, around dinner time, to be an excellent time for perving on The Chief.

On the other hoof, you can think about which MRT stops have the ugliest people. I would say any line going into Yonghe. Trains are full of toothless old folks pushing grocery carts and wearing carpet remnants. And before anyone starts to get cute, the fact that I travel there does nothing but raise the aesthetics. But it’s like a drop of blood in the vast ocean.