Best "Net Aware" Android Music Player?/Best Audio Book Player!

Hi. Basically, I’m an album oriented person. I like my CD’s tracks in order. Mainly because I like musicals or music where order is important like"Joe’s Garage". To do this, most music player seem to use the ID3 tags for track numbers.
EF music player, part of EF file manager is really lousy at this but it is fantastic accessing my shared drives on the computer where ll my media is stored.
VLC player is great at playing and has network functions but I’m having trouble using the net features. I’d really love a great android player that will keep my track order intact and perhaps a little background art as well. Thanks…
Now my recommendation. I really like Smart Audio Book player. You can try the trial version for one month with all the features intact.
It’s great for me because I juggle two or three audio books at a time and it remembers where I left in each book off no matter how long I was away. I also love the book mark and note taking features. Fantastic. It was money well spent.