Best online Christmas cards

I had one several years ago that was really cool. You could click on certain areas and the candles would light on the outdoor tree, snow would start falling and so on.
Any tips this year?

Given how many spam and virus emails pretend to be greeting cards these days, I just toss them all into the trash unopened.

Bah, humbug!

Just send them this link:,4845,00.swf has loads of the type of cards you are looking for.

New computer virus called Zafi.D is sending out mails claiming to be a christmas card. … hp/3447771


[color=red]I received two viruses today disguised as e-mail christmas cards. The subject on each was “Merry Christmas”[/color] and both appeared to have been sent from people with whom I have corresponded in the past. I don’t know if the return addresses were forged or not, but I deleted both messages without opening them.

[color=red]I would strongly advise you not to open any e-mail christmas greetings that you receive.[/color]
Sorry to be a scrooge, Wolf, but that’s the state of the Internet today. Bah humbug. :frowning: