Best Paid Email Service?

I’ve been using the free version of Fastmail email service for a bit now and I like it a lot. It’s no frills, no advertisement, speedy, reliable, and simple to use service… and supports IMAP. I’m thinking of upgrading to the $39.99/yr “Enhanced account” or $19.99/yr “Full account” cuz the bandwidth useage on my free account is near maxed out. The Enhanced version includes:

2 GB storage space
1 GB bw/month (+2 GB on signup)
250 MB file space (your own web site!)
IMAP/POP/Web access
SMTP for sending email
Mail forwarding
Virus checker; Advanced spam filter
5 Aliases
Use your own domain name (
Min. # of characters in username = 3 (
Max attachment size 50MB

I know it’s pretty expensive for what’s listed above but I’m willing to pay a little extra for speediness / reliability… I’d like to get some feedback from others who might be using the paid for version of Fastmail, before I drop the $39.99 (or $19.99) for it.

I was using Microsoft’s Enhanced Hotmail (which sucked beyond belief)… then switched over to Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail Service Beta which is a million times better than Hotmail – speed wise and interface wise… but that still doesnt say much… It’s decent, but thats about it. Google’s cool but for me it’s ehhh…

Here’s the comparison site for the different Fastmail services: … ngtbl.html

I know there’s got to be a million other good email services out there… but I’m most interested in speed and reliability… dont care much for fancy shmancy stuff. If you know of a service dedicated to speed and reliablity or are really satisfied with the one you are using now… please share the love! Much Thx!

i have an account with

I use my paid email service from Germany.

It is perfect for me.5 Euro a month, including

  • unlimited space for your emails
  • Photo sharing
  • Fax number
  • SIP telephone number
  • cheap VoIP-2-landline telephone rates
  • free VoIP-2-VoIP calls to multiple VoIP service providers
  • Voicemail Box
  • SMS & MMS service
  • 12 MB attachments
  • Online memory, included in the unlimited space
  • virus protection including license for a desktop virus scan

and a couple other benefits.