Best Palm apps

I’m somewhat new to the world of PDAs. I recently bought one and I’m wondering what applications are the best to get for Palm. I should mention I already have the Pleco dictionary installed.

Supermemo, of course. :smiley:

If you’re really desperate for software, I have some freeware programs like “Tea Shop” (helps you select a delicious Taiwanese bubble tea beverage when you just can’t decide, and lets you keep a record of those you’ve tried) or “[forgot the name of it!]”, an app that will keep a list of restaurants and eateries for you and randomly select one for those occasions when you just can’t think of what you want to eat. (I wrote both of these while I was living in Taipei, and sadly, tragically, I actually used to use them on occasion, particularly the food one.)

I also have “Taiwan Househunter”, which is a simple program to keep track of houses or rooms you’ve seen, with categories and checkboxes suited to Taiwan.

For big number conversion between Chinese and English, try “QianWan” – a freeware program of mine that lets you write in the number and then sort of read it off in the other language (it helps line up the units, which don’t match precisely when you get past 1,000).

None of these were ever formally released (except QianWan) and the footprints are a bit larger than would be expected if the programmer actually knew what she was doing, but for 100K on today’s memory sizes, if you’re interested I can set up a download page somewhere.

Or, alternatively, you could browse and find REAL apps. :smiley: But mine are cheaper. :wink:

i got a sony Clie TH55 (sony discontinued this model) and really love it. Its perfect for riding the MRT and busses around town. Hands down the most used app is Avant-go if your a news hound like i am. Its basically kind of an RSS that updates itself when you sync. I can read the latest NYTimes, Rueters, BBC, and a host of other news and commentary feeds. Also a good chinese-english dictionary is the Pelco Dict. Although I think the local brands may be more extensive so you might want to check around. My gf’s pda seems to be much better than mine which is meant for an English user. The Pelco dic is also really expensive but its great learning. It has a very good very customizeable flashcard system. Thats about all I use it for besides the PIM functions, e-mail reading, and having a photo album on demand.