Best PC games of 2005?

Our company is putting together a special gamer’s issue of our magazine Gamer’s Realm. We would like to know what PC gamers thought were some of the best games they played on their PC’s in 2005.
What game(s) are you looking forward to in 2006?

Personally, I liked Call of Duty 2…Guild Wars…Age of Empires III.

I am especially looking forward to Tomb Raider: Legend to be released I believe around February/March.

Are there catagories for the best games? ie best RPG, adventure, FPS. I enjoy any game that has a deep involving story(games that don’t get much publication these days).I am however looking forward to neverwinternights 2 and elderscrolls 4 Oblivion.

There can be only one: Civ IV

I spent most of 2005 playing Half-Life 2 and its mods. Didn’t notice many other games.

Personally looking forward to Half-Life 3, and Neverwinternights 2.

I like GTA - San Andreas. not that I play it much.

i hate to jump on the bandwagon but half life 2 was mind blowing. damn addictive