Best pizza in Kaohsiung - any recommendations?

hi guys are you suppose to tip the pizza guy in Taiwan? or food delivery like burger king mcdonalds etc.

in KHH area it’s pretty convenient they will deliver right to your house…other than those 3 any others? like a website or something…thanks!

I agree…and it is the yummiest pizza.

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Andy’s makes a nice pie, true. I’m a sucker for Opizza guy’s specials, though. Have you been out to Pizza Rock yet? I’ve heard good things but it’s a fair distance from me.

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I have not. I’m in the Zuoying area near Andy’s and Opizza.

Um, not to back-seat mod or anything, but aren’t the most recent posts added to this thread about pizza in Kaohsiung, rather than pizza in Taipei? Surely our pizza-loving brethren to the south deserve their own thread.

OK, I guess this is exactly back-seat modding.

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Hey Mountain,
Yeah, I was thinking Opizza and Andy’s as well. I think Andy’s edges it out taste-wise, but the decor and atmosphere is so depressing I prefer Opizza (hopefully Andy doesn’t post here, or that’ll be a bit awkward). There’s also Pizza Factory near Aozihdi station, which is alright but service sucks.

Hello everyone. Heading to Kaohsiung for the weekend and the event I am going to is BYOF. What do you guys think is the best Pizza in Kaohsiung in 2019 as the info seems to be out of date.

My buddy Philly runs a right fine kitchen at either FH location.


Appreciated! Do they deliver?

:man_shrugging: Message them thru facebook?

Ok. No worries.

Just an update: Andy left and sold his place to new owners 2 years ago. It now sucks. Do not go to whatever pizza place replaced it.

Opizza is probably best in Ktown, but I think it’s just online.

We have Pizza Rock too, but that’s a national chain. It’s okay…

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[KAOHSIUNG BEST PIZZA REVIEW :pizza: :heart: 高雄最棒的披薩評比與盧卡斯 | Cheesiest Pizza in Town! 鎮上大多數奶酪比薩 - YouTube]

I also like 303.

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